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Games Squad Adds Tamagotchi Online to its Portfolio for Gamers to Enjoy the Game for FREE

31 July, 2014: The game of Tamagotchi was developed in Japan in 1996. It is actually a toy or a digital pet that people of all ages can enjoy playing. The virtual pet consists of colorful characters that are different creatures, objects and humans as well. This unique and exciting game is now available on Games Squad for free. People can enjoy the game for an exceptional gaming experience and can appreciate the unique gaming format that is full of exciting characters.

The device meant to play the game is actually a small computing device in the shape of an egg, with three or more buttons on it. When a gamer activates the toy, an egg appears on the screen. The egg takes several minutes to give birth to a pet. The gamer can name the pet and can learn more about its family and other qualities. The objective of the game is to care for the pet and keep it happy, well-fed and disciplined. Gamers can take help of Happy Meter, Hunger Meter and the Discipline Meter to help determine how beautifully they are playing the game.

The game of Tamagotchi Online has an excellent learning value and can help educate children all about pet care. The game, however, appeals to the gamers of all ages. The Games Squad spokesperson reveals that the demand for the game is growing speedily and around one billion Tamagotchi devices have been sold worldwide. But one can now enjoy the game online on the website Games Squad, without buying the device. Thus, the website is adding to the popularity of the game and it is expected that the game’s fan base will now multiply in a speedy manner.

In the game, the pet goes through various life stages, and the gamer needs to develop a better understanding of pet care in order to care for the pet. The pet may fall sick and even may die if the gamer fails to provide proper attention and care. The game helps develop a bonding with the pet and helps create awareness about pet care. People willing to play this game online can follow the link http://gamesquad.net/tamagotchi.

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Games Squad offers a wide variety of games for people to enjoy various games for free. It is one of the biggest free gaming websites that updates it portfolio with new games on a daily basis. They are now offering the game of Cat Mario Online for free.

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