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Ball predictions on Leicester vs Arsenal premier league, 2014

Reports show that football is one of the most popular games of the world. With football celebrities like David Beckham, Christiano Rolando, Pele and others winning the hearts of millions, the game has certainly won over many countries. It has also been indicated that football players are one of the most highly paid sportsmen of the world, making it a clear indication of its popularity.

Reports show that there is much excitement in anticipation to the Premier League game. The game is believed to bring Leicester to play against Arsenal on the 31st of august, which will be a Thursday. The match will be played at 22:00 pm in Leicestershire. In the final game, Leicester City have defeated 2-0 of Chelsea football team in the final match. Arsenal. Which scored a draw of 2-2 against Everton, have also recorded a defeat once by a score of 0-1 against the AS Monaco. The past records show that the ability of both sides is quite a draw, with only a one defeat swallow from the games played the last five times.

There has been further surprising news about the match. Multiple sources, including sounding news have confirmed that Esteban Cambiasso, which is the Arsenal midfielder, will be transferred to the Leicester team. The news is yet to be confirmed by the right sources, however, people are already anticipating for this transfer to happen for the match. As for the present match, Arsenal’s well known team will be ore favored by the fans than its opponent.

Football is the top sport of some of the most powerful countries of the world. With countries like Germany, United Kingdom and Brazil, just to name a few. With its wide fan base, accurate prediction of the ball has become a favorite practice among football enthusiasts. For more information please go to http://akubola.com

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