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NeoSleeve Launches iPhone 5s Running Case That’s Built To Last

01, September 2014: New sports accessory company NeoSleeve announced today that they’ve launched their first product: a neoprene running case for iPhone 5, 5s, 5c and 5th generation iPod Touch.


NeoSleeve founder Ashford Thomas claims that the company’s new sports armband was engineered to fully protect one’s iPhone throughout the most intensive of workouts, where body heat and sweat can become problematic for such devices. Mr. Thomas’ reasoning for this claim is found in the neoprene core of the design, as neoprene is resistant to water, heat, oil and weathering, thus acting as the ideal shield against both the elements and one’s own body.

The iPhone 5 running armband itself is black in color, and packaged in a minimalistic, colorful box; reminiscent of Apple’s own iPhone box designs. The armband also has certain features that NeoSleeve anticipates will help distinguish it from the competition, such as a reflector panel – for jogging at night – multiple fitting options to accommodate different arm sizes, and a pouch intended to securely hold a house key.

The company stepped into public light mere months ago but has promised to soon provide their products on an online marketplace from which customers can purchase with ease and security. Mr. Thomas is highly confident that the company’s first product will not disappoint, projecting an exponential growth in sales over the coming months, with a further surge expected for the December Christmas rush.

Despite the existence of numerous other high-selling cell phones on the market, NeoSleeve has vowed to focus their efforts only on Apple devices. The company’s mantra on this subject is “perfection is inch-wide and mile-deep.” Mr. Thomas elaborated further on this belief, asserting that if NeoSleeve were to broaden their product range, each armband variation would then be granted a thinner spread of care, focus, and excellence, possibly resulting in a poor consumer experience.

With the iPhone 6 on the horizon, and given the timing of their first product launch, it is likely that NeoSleeve will indeed produce an armband to accommodate Apple’s new handset, expected in the coming weeks. It is however unknown as to whether NeoSleeve will put to market a product suited to any of Apple’s other devices, such as the iPod Nano.

In the meantime, with millions of Americans taking up running every year, and all of them craving protection for their devices, it is expected that NeoSleeve’s niche, iDevice-focused product will quickly find a firm footing amongst its established sports accessory competitors.

About NeoSleeve:

NeoSleeve are the proud creators of the NeoSleeve sports armband for iPhone. The small team prides themselves on their deep attention to design detail and stand by their promises of perfection.

For Media Contact:
Company: NeoSleeve
Website: http://www.neosleeve.com

For all media enquires please contact Nicole Hart at media@neosleeve.com

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