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Ekmizer.com Announces A Big Sale Of Ek6 Electronic Cigarette

01, September 2014: EKMIZER, a well-known brand of KIMREE, one of leading electronic cigarette suppliers, has recently released Ek6 e-cigarettes in its EK product lineup. 

EKMIZER, a well-known brand of KIMREE, one of leading electronic cigarette suppliers, has recently released Ek6 e-cigarettes in its EK product lineup. 

Now, EKMIZER is offering a big price drop on Ek6. The discounts will help save customers hundreds of dollars on reliable refillable electronic cigarettes. 

The EKMIZER Ek6 is built for offering customers great pleasure and experience of the highest standards for uncompromising electronic cigarettes. And its 650mAh battery enables customers to enjoy a longer usage ofelectronic cigarettes. The e-liquid bottle is placed at the bottom and can be replaced and refilled 10ml e-liquid. Its unique design makes it easier to provide the best experience possible. 

All EKMIZER electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are tar-fee, carbon monoxide-free and odor-free. There are no harmful chemicals in EKMIZER electronic cigarettes so customers can trust EKMIZER to pick up a healthy product. What’s more, EKMIZER products also help save money! There are many promotions for EKMIZER every month. 

“Our great sale program is a special way of connecting EKMIZER with yourelectronic cigarettes journey. This is why we offer Ek6 discount this time. In addition, there will be more products available fordiscounts and promotions to give more customers to enjoy EKMIZER’s difference with low cost ,” says, a spokesman of EKMIZER. 


As a sub-brand of KIMREE, a leading electronic cigarettes supplier, EKMIZERoffers top refillable electronic cigarettes with unsurpassed quality and low cost.Just like KIMREE, EKMIZER has a professional expert team to aim to developa popular brand for customers around the world, like Vaporqueen. EKMIZER prides itself on high quality, premium service and satisfying customer service. 

For more information, please visit: http://www.ekmizer.com/

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