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Living Pure sells health-related products at competitive price

01, September 2014: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, August 1, 2014 – Health has become one of the major concerns in this age. The deeper integration of technology has changed lifestyle as well as provided facilities to deal with it. Living Pure is an enterprise involved with products that are immediately related to people’s health. It is an online shop that sells health-related products such as home air purifiers and water filters. It strives to offer cheapest price for every item that it sells. However, it does not compromise on the quality of products lest the very term ‘living pure’ will be rendered meaningless. 

Living Pure has a respectable array of products, classified as juicers, air purifiers, blenders, water filters, dehydrators, etc. It emphasises extensively on quality and only those machines that meet the standards of the online retailer feature at its website; such as Hurom Juicer. By far, juicers are the speciality of Living Pure. There are considerable varieties of juicers on sale at the online shop. There are different designs available for customers to choose according to the set-up of their kitchens. There are 17 types of juicers in total, and even the most expensive one costs well under £350. The cheapest models are priced less than £200 and offered with discount upon price. 

Room air purifiers, dehumidifiers and water filters are some of the most important items on sale at Living Pure. Oxygen is the most critical requirement of life and is obtained from the surrounding air. Oxygen is extracted by the body as people inhale air. Therefore, purity of the air is the utmost necessity for humans. An air purifier extracts the pollution in the air and provides the healthy for inhalation. Another innovative product on sale at Living Pure is portable dehumidifier, which can dehydrate the air up to optimum level and make the atmosphere comfortable for stay. There are 11 kinds of air purifiers and 4 types of dehumidifiers available at Living Pure. 

Living Pure has invested generously on its online shop in order to make it user friendly and facilitate convenient purchase of any best air purifier. It ships items that are ordered before 1 p.m. the same day or the very next day. The delivery typically takes 2 – 5 days to reach any location throughout the UK. It is equivalently quick for all European destinations. Unused items can be returned within 14 days for full refund. The refund is partial in case of returning used items. Living Pure accepts American Express, Delta, solo, Maestro, Switch, MasterCard and Visa for transaction. Cheques and bank transfers are acceptable too. 

About Living Pure: 

Website: http://www.livingpure.co.uk/ 

Living Pure is an online retailer of health-related products such as air purifiers, water filters, juicers, etc. It was started in 2006 and is based in Coventry. It offers unbeatable price due to its price comparison tool. The company supplies throughout Europe in collaboration with Interlink Express.

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