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HalalMinds- The Next Big Thing

02, September 2014: Agung Pambudi has gone from being a certain no one to a pretty common household name and this has been possible only through HalalMinds. His mind and his repertoire of skills has really made the difference between a mere useful app and a blockbuster app. Originally, Agung is from the country of Indonesia but has been living in Japan for quite some time now. It is not that he suddenly invented HalalMinds. It has been a long and tiring journey. Agung got his doctorate from the prestigious Kyushu University, wherein he learnt the basics of his trade. Secondly, being a Muslim himself, he recognized the problems that a Muslim face in a country where the Muslim community is in minority. Together his doctorate degree and his penchant for doing something noble for the fellow Muslims propelled him to HalalMinds.


Now then, HalalMinds is not just any other app or any other startup for that matter. The biggest USP of HalalMinds is its great functionality. The world as we all know is getting smaller and people are migrating from one place to the other. Similar is the case with the Muslim communities and they are also migrating in large numbers. However, when some of the Muslims move to countries like Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, where the Muslim representation is almost negligible, then they face an uphill task even when concerned with the very basic needs like food and shelter. Muslims are very specific about their food and will never consume anything that is non-Halal in nature like pork and lard. Thus, HalalMinds is ideal for such Muslim Brothers, as it focusses on finding those restaurants that serve perfectly cooked Halal foods. So now the Muslim brothers who have migrated to lands where they are in minority do not need to fear, as HalalMinds is going to slowly expand to all such markets.


Global TiC awards are one of the most well-known and celebrated awards for a groundbreaking success of new startups. TiC stands for Talentrepreneur, innovation and collaboration, which corroborates the fact that Global TiC award recognize the fresh entrepreneurial talents who innovate for the society. These awards this year were held in Taipei and HalalMinds participated in this competition. Well, there are a couple of things that need to set straight here and those are that HalalMinds was the only company which represented Japan and secondly HalalMinds also won an award there. Thus, it was a big moment of recognition for these show stealers and now they have become a name to reckon with.

HalalMinds has also come up with a new version i.e. HalalMinds 2.0, which enables the firm to set its foot not only in Japan but also in Taiwan, China and South Korea. All these places have Muslims in minorities and thus, this app will be of great help to them. Secondly, the new version will also take care of many new features like various marketplaces where one can get Halal items and also directions in which a Muslim can pray.

Thus, HalalMinds is the next big thing in the market.

For Additional Information Visit the Website at: http://halalminds.com/

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