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Players Thought Some Contents World of Warcraft Must Retain

02, September 2014: Share a player for the relevant suggestions of world of warcraft, he thinks only PVP is the highest honor. So, when you are tired of farming wow gold, what things do you think World of Warcraft should retain? 

First: professional characteristics, do not blindly pursue balance, more should pay attention to professional characteristics, can select a content, a content mode, of course if intellectual career if strong enough to play deep enough to also can win agile profession, it has one of the biggest benefits is to make each profession all its presence can be found, seemingly imbalance, but actually very balance, balance is the entire game, balance is the person's state of mind. 

Second: change of the flight mode. Players can hold the flying mounts, but as long as a PVP dynamic; two hours flight is not allowed. If you want to fight, must not fly at the same time. Don't let a person helpless. 

Third: accessories damage present version is too high, the jewelry is equal to three dozen one. Real outbreak is combination of a variety of conditions, such as the soldier's anger; trigger skills, open accessories, CD skills. In the process of the outbreak of the output creates the condition for the next output which is the depth of the game. Not all class have restore health skills, eating is a very interesting thing than earning World of Warcraft gold, in short, it is important to keep no certainty of warcraft uncertainties, so that it let the warcraft go further. 

Fourth: about cross-server. Cross-server is not good thing, but add many more irresponsible outward players, human come from primitive tribe to the globalization, but globalization now also from this era into tribal, everyone wants to have their own circle, people don't want to be responsible to the public, but will be responsible for the small, as you may talk to your friend, but you can't ignore your family, wow, too, although the outward can I ignore you, but this server will more or less a little fear of heart. 

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