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Methods For Faster Weight Loss

02, September 2014: In our daily life, many factors may cause obesity, once summer comes, hateful fleshy body would cause distress. You can take health slimming product like 2 day diet for quick weight loss and you can also combine below effective ways to lose weight faster. 

Three principles for slimming in a week 

1) reduce calorie intake rather than food amount
2) fasting will make sense of pressure sustained
3) ensure defecation

Method One: Using porridge instead of rice, heat halved 

In this week, take porridge instead of rice, although the amount is the same ( a bowl), the heat of porridge is much lower than rice, and rich moisture allows you to fully get a sense of satiety, controlling appetite, preventing and improving overeating. 

In addition, you can add kelp, hijiki seaweed and other ingredients to porridge to ensure rich dietary fiber for detoxification promotion, at meantime, it will slow the body's absorption of fat, sugar 

Method Two: add some seaweed when taking fruits and vegetables salad 

Although the salad is rich in enzymes and dietary fiber, but the potato salad, macaroni salad, etc. has a lot of mayonnaise, calories will be high, so it is generally best to choose fruits and vegetable salads, adding algae food can help improve intestinal motility capacity and constipation, which is good for waist slimming too 

Method three: Eat warm vegetable dishes when you have insufficient food intake 

You may often feel hungry when taking diet, you can do some warm vegetable dishes, cooking them and add some salt, pepper etc seasonings, eliminating the sense of fasting , adding vitamins and minerals, at meantime, warm food can improve the metabolism. 

Method four: take pumpkin and sweet potato instead of snacks when wanting sweets 

Cake, chocolate, candy, snacks, etc., are sweets that a lot of people like to eat, especially when having pressure and in a bad mood, eating sweets can really ease the mood. But sweets has high sugar, and it should be controlled when losing weight, you may cook some pumpkin and sweet potato instead, natural sugars also give you a sweet taste and their dietary fiber can help improve constipation, promote detoxification! 

Source: www.2daysdietpills.com

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