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Urographin offers its software to open DCM files

United States of America, 3 September 2014: Professionals who are in the field of medicines, in particular the doctors, medical students, and surgeons need to check various kinds of reports. The reports are usually theoretical as well as practical which are meant for specific use. It may even be related to laboratory experiments or test results. In order to facilitate this need of the professionals, Urographin has come up with a software which is capable of viewing the DCM files. The DCM files are used for storing as well as handling wider range of scans. With the help of DCM viewer one can even print the documents. The DCM viewer is also supported to be viewed on different operating systems. Using the Dicom viewer a user can make use of the advanced visual chromatographic transformation program which conforms human color sensation. They can also use it as a pacs viewer

This software is also capable of allowing the users to locate the lesions and preparing diagnosis in a much quicker and accurate manner. Moreover, it also reduces the troublesome task for report making as well as analyzing a simpler affair. The images are also sharpened and the user has the facility of restoring the authentic properties which would revert the changes as required. There is a mouse controller hardware which includes scroll and could be used for dragging and selecting certain areas to increase as well as decrease sharpness level. On the other side the navigation is also possible by the use of similar formats and stored at the same folder. 

It also depends on the scan type which are visible for organs which cannot be viewed very well by same colors and the filters. Human bones are composites of various substances and are required for separate visualization modes. Urographin can also be used by the users for trying different kinds of modes. For instance function keys from F2 to F12 could be used. By using different windows users may even sharpen or soften the operations. It is an effective tool indeed with the ability of minimal description for the color modes and the non-commercial users also have the privilege of using the dicom software for free as per their needs. 

In addition to the things mentioned above, the viewing modes along with the ability of enhancing the files for customizing fashion switching to different options an essential application for the medical professionals. The software is also very flexible for being used as a professional as well as private purpose. 

About Urografin: 


Urografin is a software which supports opening of DCM files as well as documents by the medical professionals. For using this software one needs to have a system installed with .NET framework 4.0 which enables them to have a closer look at the lesions within the image. In order to know more about the product and use, users could check out their official website.

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