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Is Blizzard Overall Feeling of World of Warcraft Controlling Design?

03, September 2014: The more you hate to prove that the more you love, for the world of warcraft players David mood is so, needless to say, many people complain about the some unwise Blizzard design destroyed our gaming experience in addition to plenty of wow gold, such as random copy, flying in the world, and daily tasks, even heirloom gear, but from a perspective in these are blizzard kindly do a bad thing; 

WOW can become a world, environment and population, nothing but human nature remains unchanged, even the virtual world will also similar to reality; in the real world, we all know that we will die relishes the result of why live? This is a big tip. 

Our random encounters in the world can make you look forward to the future of every day, even though she is, in fact most is similar to our psychological still think this time maybe is not the same as the next million for a while! Also deal with the problem in the game world, if you want to most players have continued recognition must emulate this for wow to formal level 90 and 100, at the end of game design potential of the world, we have in the world of a mature, no longer levels as level 45 and 60, 70 times have some qualitative leap change, now more ascending reflect on the equipment data changes, this is necessity of mature game. 

While now, the Blizzard design is the overall feeling is controlling, give the players own random selective less and less, so just had mentioned a lot of complaints, this is a question of philosophy, Blizzard had created this virtual world, giving players skills, is the player's mind, also should be the player's choice, and now choose the roads is given, you only go this way, one of the main reason that the world has no vitality is Blizzard management and controlling, a lot of accident loss, are within the control of the gain, let a person dull, not mention to earn wow gold only.

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