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Pay attention to your diet to help eat out lean

03, September 2014: With slimming developed to the standard of beauty, more and more people start their slimming journey and some take 2 day diet to help, maybe get their pills from the web online, like www.japan-2daydietpills.com. In fact, pay attention to your diet can also help lose weight. Of course, take some diet pills like two day diet japan lingzhi can strengthen the effects.

1. Fasting is not needed when go on a slimming plan. Hot pot, barbecue is OK to eat.
A. eat vegetables: When eating hot pot and barbecue, you must also eat vegetables. Vegetables are rich in cellulose, which can dilute the hot pot and barbecue greasy. And suggested that the time taken to eat barbecue "bun meat" to eat.

B. do not drink: Some people like to drinking when eat hot pot roast. Attention, eat hot pot roast with wine is most likely to get fat eating, So eat hot pot should not drink wine.

C. eat different meat: Different parts of the meat, different calorie contents. Visceral calories lower than other parts. Eat hot pot, remember to choose different parts of the meat, And do not always eat the same kind of meat. The most important thing, or to moderate, Eat a certain degree of satiety, do not eat any more, In order to avoid excessive intake of calories.

2. You can also eat Western food
A. To judge by the name of the dish heat, Even went to the restaurant for dinner, We can also be judged according to dish food calories, For example, "baked" for adding cream and cheese cooked together, "Grilled" on behalf of cream sauce, "school" is more for pastry, See these words can be concluded that this dish is basically a standard heat food! In contrast, grilled and smoked food calories much lower. If you do not know whether high-fat food dish, You can ask the waiter method of making this dish.

B. choose carbohydrate foods
At the point of Western, we can choose carbohydrate-containing foods, This type of food, there are two, One is whole wheat bread, bread, cereals, legumes and fruits, They are rich in fiber, After digestion with slow decomposition in the body, Will not cause a surge of insulin and glucose; While the other is white rice, pasta, white bread, soft drinks, potato chips, etc. They will quickly break down in the body, leading to blood sugar surge. So when you eat Western food, try to avoid choosing the latter food.

C. choose low-fat foods
We can also choose low-fat foods, This type of healthy food more in line with the principle of balanced nutrition. Chicken and spinach which belongs to the class of low-fat foods. When eating fatty foods, We should pay attention to eating some foods containing unsaturated fatty acids, Good fish contain unsaturated fatty acids, Beneficial to the body, such as a small number of nuts, fish Fish containing EPA, DHA polyunsaturated fatty acids, This will help lower cholesterol With these tips, a thinner beauty is quite easy.

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