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A Deluxe Backseat Organizer Guaranteed To Keep Cars Clean And Tidy

03, September 2014: A lot of moms and dads have though already seen the light when it comes to keeping children peaceful and well behaved in the back of the car while driving, and it's rather typical today to see children with Kindles, iPads, mobiles, books, drinks and treats, when traveling, though without realizing it there is a new problem for parents to deal with ... keeping the back of the car clean and tidy. 

Backseat Organizer

Official Freddie and Sebbie spokesperson Neil Speight who has four kids of his own told me of the issues he had to deal with in the back of his car, and stated ... "I was so tired of attempting to keep the inside the car clean and tidy due to all the books and gizmos my kids had left about the car, and the day I found a DS under the brake pedal, I knew the time had come to take the matter seriously, and instantly invested in a backseat organizer I discovered on Amazon. The trouble was it simply wasn't large enough for everything that needed storing." 

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Neil informed me that at that point in time he had come to the conclusion that so many children's car accessories he had invested in simply weren't up to the job, and this is when he and his brother came up with idea of forming Nevada based company Freddie and Sebbie, with the objective of developing and creating a more luxurious line of kid's accessories, among the first of which was the deluxe backseat organizer. Neil was very pleased with the outcome this time round, and said ... "I can now truthfully say that if any other moms and dads are dealing with these sorts of problems and are fed up with always tidying up after their kids and wish to make their life easier, then they need to think about investing in a Freddie and Sebbie backseat organizer. We have designed a multipurpose deluxe car seat storage organizer that will immediately help moms and dads keep their cars clean and who will never again need to spend hours cleaning and tiding up after the mess the children have left behind." 

I was informed by Neil that their backseat organizer was perfect for storing all sorts of kids accessories, including iPads, tablets, toys, beakers, water bottles and so forth. He also told me that the product was designed to fit the majority of cars because of the adjustable "top and bottom" straps, which would also help to keep the car storagebackseat organizer safely in position. 

That would seem to be backed up with a recent evaluation by a Granny Amazon confirmed buyer who said ... "I am extremely excited to make use of the car organizer. My daughter, granddaughter and I are going on a woman's weekend, and I am going to fill my granddaughter's brand-new car organizer with things she enjoys. She is 4, and she likes to keep busy. In one pocket I will certainly place a CD of her preferred tunes, so we can sing as we drive. Then coloring books and crayons in the zipped area. A bottle of water, books, some treats of her mom's choice, and off we all go. This car organizer has 8 pockets; a big mesh pocket at the top (7" x 12.5"), Three pockets for bottles (5" deep and can fit about 2.5" water bottles), and 3 flat pockets: one pocket 13" x 6" and two pockets 5" x 6.5", so lots of space." 

Another Amazon validated purchaser had this to say ... "this back organizer is made from exceptional materials. It has a huge mesh pocket on top for things you wish to see right away. 3 pockets in the middle which is ideal for water bottles and 2 pockets at the bottom for knick-knacks and what not. We somehow constantly require a little pair of scissors while we travel so this is the perfect place for it, and last but not least, it also serves as a kick mat for toddlers in their car seats. 

This car accessory is only sold on Amazon and features a lifetime guarantee. There are a number of consumer testimonials already on Amazon about the Freddie and Sebbie luxurious backseat organizer. http://www.amazon.com/Backseat-Organizer-Accessories-Adjustable-Investment/dp/B00JUQFVX6/ 

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