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Diana Porter Joins The F&L Jewellery World

04, September 2014: F&L Designer Guides was very excited to meet Diana Porter, the eclectic but rather down-to-earth designer who is one of the new additions to the community of distinct designers brought together by the online innovation.

L, the co-founder of the magazine was intrigued to learn that Diana Porter had originally wanted to become an actress, before training as a teacher, working in theatre and community arts, and campaigning for equality for women, ethnic minorities and art council grants. L believes that Diana’s passion for the world she lives in, her diverse career and her insatiable enthusiasm are what have helped her create her stunning designs and infuse such incredible energy into her metal and gemstone work.

Diana Porter has an avid interest in the history of art and the role that women have played in the development of art and crafts. She believes strongly in the use of ethical metals and has recently been to Bolivia where she met several small artisanal miners working towards improving working conditions and making the environment safe for their communities. It is her zest for life and her continuous need to strive that is exhibited in her designs and the forms that she lovingly creates.

Today Diana Porter works from her own shop and exhibits in galleries all over the country. She likes to encourage new designers and believes in the world in which she thrives. She exhibits work from other artists in her shop and meets clients from all over to discuss commissions.

When L met Diana she was blown away by her enthusiasm, love of art and pro-active mind. Diana’s seal of approval from the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and her subsequent invitation to join Who's Who in Gold and Silver is a reflection of the respect that Diana Porter has rightfully gained in the world of jewellery.

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