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Lifelong conducts exercise workshops for teacher training purposes

United Kingdom, 4 September, 2014: Health is of prime importance for leading a peaceful life. People are gradually becoming more concerned about their health in the long run. To make sure it starts off at an early age, Lifelong offers training programs creating a curriculum of physical education and necessary life skills. It aims to help both the children and adults towards developing a belief system for taking a complete approach towards health and wellbeing. It organizes workshops for kids and adults to teach basic ways of staying fit and healthy. However, these are targeted towards teacher training purposes. With their affiliate program, those working in a family and child environment are educated on running workshop themselves. It intends to add elements of fun in exercising to make it dearer among kids and people of all ages.

Lifelong provides support to its affiliates with one on one training programs via online and personal visit. The initiative is meant to guide people on taking individual responsibility of their own health independently. Lifelong has a range of books on the adventures of Snowflake, a gorilla in cartoon avatar. It is aimed at teaching the kids with important life skills and strategies for self motivation. This is also to let the children devise their own exercising methods by reading. There are lifelong movements workshops introducing coaching sessions for kids aged from eight up to twelve. It includes squats, single leg exercises, twist, push and pull, bend, walking and running. After the facility becomes a Lifelong affiliate, they have access to their books, ways of offering workshops, class guide and other study materials. Thus, participants are taught to integrate exercise into their daily lives at childhood and adulthood stages. The Lifelong organization believes in innovation for encouraging nations to bring a positive change towards their life.

Lifelong delivers customized skills workshops which are suitable to all kinds of colleges, schools, universities, and other establishments in UK. Easy to follow techniques for goal setting, coaching, mentoring, self respect, self development and motivation are the themes of these workshops. Emphasis is also given to interaction between young and old minds. The stories and animations are integrated to teach by explaining examples. All of these help the participants to realize their full potential for succeeding in their choice of field including studies and sports. Lifelong is headed by managing director Danny Fallon who is driven by the passion to create positive change in the generations to come by due focus on health and skill development.

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Lifelong specializes in providing workshop for training the teachers on the ways of conducting independent exercise workshops for kids and adults. It aims to fight obesity issues which are on the rise amongst children, youngsters, middle and old aged people. Affiliate members have free access to their books and learning materials. Visit the website for more information.

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