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How One Car Seat Protector Managed Scores Of Ratings On Amazon

05, September 2014: Keeping a car clean can be a never ending battle in times where time is something there just isn't quite enough of during the day, however when a car is equipped with a few clever devices, then keeping a car spick-and-span is one job that soon ends up being rather more manageable.

Freddie and Sebbie™

Mr Neil Speight, co-founder of Nevada based child accessory company "Freddie and Sebbie" informed me in a recent job interview that it was all about protection and prevention. "Our business has been in constant contact with our Amazon customers, who have really been a great motivation for our product production line of car accessories that go as far as helping to protect a car's interior from the younger passengers allegedly sat down in the back. We have been able to pin point the major locations which children have the tendency to get filthy or even stained thanks to our delighted clients with their great feedback. Then it's simply down to our product development team to produce the goods that combat any unfavorable factors revealed to us by our customers regarding similar products they have actually bought and used themselves."

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I asked him for a typical example and Neil informed me that they had reacted to customer feedback for producing their car seat protector mat which had been custom-made created with anti-slip backing to keep an infant's car safety seat well protected, following a client having reported an unfortunate incident they had experienced and felt the slipping problem needed to be addressed.


Neil continued by saying ... "Another client needed a safety seat protector for their specific car safety seat. They really did help us to produce the perfect accessory of its type. Several months after contacting us and right after trying out our brand-new item for the very first time, the same customer told us that they had used the car seat cover on both the latch locking system and with seat-belts, and that the seat cover did enter at the center permitting either the latch system or seat-belt to be used. They were also able to inform us that the top of the seat cover was high enough for a kid safety seat however low enough to permit a traditional car seat with a hook going over the back to be attached. They were also kind enough to state that they themselves had a 2013 4Runner Limited with leather seats, and that the car seat covers dealt with whatever their 2 year old could dish out."

Neil also told me that a recent verified purchaser had just given a genuine peach of a product evaluation who had said ... "I recently purchased an automobile with leather interior and was worried that my granddaughter's car seat would harm the leather. Testimonials on the protector I was initially going to buy, revealed that it had caused some damage to the leather 'finish' when consumers went to remove the protector to clean it/the seats. I saw this Freddie and Sebbie car seat protector advertised with much better evaluations and at just a couple of dollars more. Upon arrival, I believed it felt a little lightweight but it fit perfectly against my suv's leather seat and does seem to be doing the job well. I reason I only gave 4 from 5 stars was because I thought it was a little expensive, but having said that I would still highly recommend this item to car owners who are desperately seeking an effective car seat protector mat for a vehicle with leather interior seats."

On Amazon.com it specifies that the Freddie and Sebbie car seat protector is very simple to set up and features non-skid material that assists with preventing slipping. It is says it is simple to wipe clean, and in addition, there are 2 mesh pockets at the bottom of the safety seat protector, which are ideal for storing children toys, bottles and any other kids "must haves" needed for the trip.

For further information about the new Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Car Seat Protector, visit http://www.amazon.com/Car-Seat-Protector-Scuffmarks-Replacement/dp/B00CJD5Y4I/

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