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Coups for weight loss

South Branch MI; 05, September 2014: If you are going to reduce weight, you can choose a health diet product, such as lida daidaihua, you can also combine them with some other weight loss methods to get faster and better effect, if you are taking lida diet pills, try to combine below methods 

1 Eat slowly 

Slowing the speed of eating properly can achieve weight loss goals. Researchers analysts that when the food enters the body, the body's blood sugar will rise, when blood sugar rises to a certain level, the brain will send a signal to stop eating the food. If a person is eating too fast, when the brain sends signals to stop eating, he/she has already ate too much food. 

2 Eat more fruits and vegetables 

Eat more fruits and vegetables can help lose weight, the meat can easily become fat stored in the human body. Protein or carbohydrate in fruits and vegetables are not easily converted to fat,sugar-free green vegetables is especially effective for weight loss because it makes the body burn more calories than the calories taken by taking fruits and vegetables, Fruits and vegetables meal refers to mainly take vegetables and fruit, entirely or substantially eat cereal or meat, thus greatly reducing the total calorie and fat intake 

3 Doing aerobic exercise 

Chronic exercise is aerobic exercise with feature of low strength, rhythmic and uneasy to interrupt, it can help to reduce the number of subcutaneous fat, reduce the volume of subcutaneous fat and good for digestion and circulation. Walking, cycling, jogging, swimming and tai chi etc are aerobic exercises

Requirements are: 

A. Has sufficient oxygen, it is best to do at the outdoor
B. must adhere to the 30 to 60 minutes;
C. the heart rate should be less than 150 beats / min when exercising

Don't do exercise when you are hungry and don't do before eating or before going to sleep.

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