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Canada, September 6, 2014: Music is said to be the nutrient for the soul. There are various forms of music and several instruments that produce different musical sounds. Piano is one of the most common musical instrument and people are generally interested in trying their hands at one. However, Canadians do not have to be just content with mediocre and exhibition music skill. Cindy Music Studio is the online resource that can provide professionally experienced piano teacher to all those who have been just occasionally pressing a few keys of the instrument. Cindy is a professional Toronto music teacher, who offers piano lessons in batches at affordable fee. 

Specialisation has characterised and has been the driving force of human race since the earliest civilisation known to have existed. The current age is an age of specialisation, and music is not out of its fold as a subject. Today, music is not just a hobby that is practised in leisure and only for enjoyment. It is subject of study and practice. Many academic institutes have music as an elective subject for their pupils. Besides, many children, and even adults, have interest in playing certain musical instrument. For all those who are pleased with the sound of a piano, Cindy Toronto piano teacher can be just the person they are looking for to learn how to play the instrument. 

Cindy is a professional piano instructor with music teaching experience of more than 2 decades. She has a degree in music from Shanghai University and boasts of performance certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music. She teaches people of all ages with techniques appropriate for them to understand. She has been teaching at several music schools and has offered many types of piano lessons. Her music classes constitute of students from Toronto as well as surrounding areas such as Downsview, Don Mills, Etobicoke, East York, North York, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Markham and Vaughan. 

Cindy can teach classical piano for all RCM courses and levels of RCM certification. The piano lessons of the Toronto piano instructor encompass piano lessons, RCM examinations, ARCT and more. Her teaching style focuses on both musical style and technique, with the additional advantage of preparedness for RCM certification. Cindy is proficient in Chinese too. So, both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking pupils can enrol for her piano lessons. Many of her students have received highest scores in RCM examinations and several of them have elected music as major for post-graduation education. Cindy makes sure that students truly understand and practise the right method. She offers the first lesson as consultation class for free. 

About Cindy Music Studio: 

Website: www.cindymusicstudio.com 

Cindy Music Studio is the music teaching website of Cindy, who is a professional piano instructor in Toronto. Cindy is a graduate in music from Shanghai University and is certified by Royal Conservatory of Music for performance.

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