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Over 50,000 new PTA jobs to be created over the next 8 years – PTA Guide

Denver, CO; 08 September, 2014: PTAGuide.com, leading website for prospective physical therapist assistants expects vast growth in demand for this career. By 2022 there will be over fifty thousand new jobs for assistants, which is above average growth rate even for evergreen healthcare industry.

Representatives of PTAGuide.com connect this growth to Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. As part of this act there’s a decision to make physical therapy a part of regular treatment. Healthcare is transforming and will now focus on prevention of diseases, since it’s simply cheaper and more effective for patients’ health as opposed to treatment of diseases already in place. Needless to say, physical therapy is one of the most effective methods to achieve this goal. So, many more people will go to physical therapists, and the latter, in turn will hire more PTA’s. In reality there should be even more jobs open.

Aftermath for PT industry

In general, the entire situation creates a great investment opportunity, so it’s expected that more PT practices will be created to satisfy the growing demand. In these conditions physical therapists assistant will be expected to take more responsibility in their day-to-day work. As a reward, they get better job security and ability to choose a workplace for their needs – another benefit of increasing demand of this particular occupation.

“What can be a problem is how much PTA’s schools can actually provide during these years” – PTA Guide representative states, - “We’re already seeing some positive movements, as schools try to recruit new students, create more training programs, etc.”

In current situation, it’s important that the popularity of this occupation increases and more recent high-school graduates consider this field. To start as PTA, it’s required to have an Associate’s degree from accredited school. Many PTA’s upgrade their career and become physical therapists or nurses with even better wage.

Impediments of transition

Anyway, getting back to demand-supply correlation, if there really will be a gap, the pressure on PTA’s who will already work at that time will increase. In exchange, they can demand pay increase, more benefits, insurance coverage and other perks, and employers will likely agree. Currently, annual median salary is around $45,000. This is also expected to grow in upcoming years.

Even without the benefits of extended coverage that Affordable Care Act brings for PT practices, becoming a PTA is a great career choice. Assistants enjoy great job with high level of satisfaction (they help people return their movement ability); they also work in regular hours.

About PTA Guide:

PTAGuide.com is the leading online resource for those who want to become physical therapist assistants or PTAs. It provides a full scope of career related information like requirements, training overview, salary researches, as well as latest news and insight view from real-life PTs (physical therapists), PTAs and other expert in the field. Visit http://www.ptaguide.com for more details.

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Kevin Cosby
PR Officer, PTA Guide

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