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Complex Path Of Parenthood For Gay Couples Explained By US Surrogacy Experts

09, September 2014: For gay couples considering parenthood with surrogacy, this free 60 minute webinar from leading US experts describes in detail the 5 steps to an effective surrogacy, including expenses, which center to pick, legals...

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The US surrogacy experts are headed by Dr. Bruce Shapiro & Dr. Said Daneshmand from the The Fertility Center of Las Vegas who are experts in the field of reproductive medicine and surrogacy, sharing over 4 decades of experience and are both Subspeciality Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. They claim they have the breadth of scientific experience and years of research, which have actually equated into scientific developments in the treatment of infertility, and currently offering clinical advances to their patients together with the highest fertility success rates.

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas website states they are devoted to offering the gift of parenthood to families all over the world, and that the center has helped countless clients realize their dream of being a parent. This is what one satisfied customer wanted to say ... "The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has actually enabled our project in the most human manner. The personnel and Dr Daneshmand are really reliable professionals, and are also caring individuals who understood our wishes. The clinical service has been excellent and everybody at the clinic gave us all the answers we needed. They also know the challenges we deal with in our home country and have actually had the ability to help with that. Likewise, Dr D and some other staff members speak multiple languages, including French. Almost a year after we still have contact with them as we will soon be trying to have our second child through this center."

The clinic's surrogacy experts have been assisting men and women to discover being a parent for many years, so they have now bundled all of their experience together and converted it into a free online surrogacy webinar. The professional surrogacy group have stated that this is the best opportunity for those interested to discover more info about becoming parents with surrogacy from professionals in the field of reproductive medicine. They also state that these webinars discuss information about the path to being a parent from start to finish and consist of a questions and answers session, as well as discussing how to decrease expenses and making the most of success throughout the total surrogacy procedure.

A Surrogacy Experts spokesman explained that throughout the webinar, individuals would be shown privileged and objective info that would help people save time, anxiety and money on their journey to parent through surrogacy. He likewise said that a full introduction of the process is described, including expenses, legals, and previous patient experiences. He continued by stating ... "There's also a section covering the best ways to select a surrogate/egg contributor as well as how to select the best IVF center to work with and the next steps to start or increase a family."

He then stated that "The Fertility Center of Las Vegas" had actually been ranked amongst the top centers of the United States due to its fertility success rates, and acknowledged by the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, and that United States Surrogacy Experts Dr. Bruce Shapiro and Dr. Said Daneshmand; who personally assist on the online webinars, are worldwide acknowledged for their research and scientific input.

He concluded by saying ... "We all understand that surrogacy is an alternative for gay men considering parenthood in the United States, so this webinar has been particularly designed to direct anybody thinking of becoming a parent through surrogacy. Space is restricted and these LIVE webinars are always complete so it is recommended to sign up quickly as space is limited, and we do start the next broadcast on September 16th."

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