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Sonic Stream Radio streams non-commercial music unfiltered

United States of America, September 10, 2014: Good music has soothing experience in general, and an electronic music radio is the best means ready access to music anytime. Music and songs are used extensively to convey messages, urge listeners to support a cause, etc. So, there has to be one such channel that streams music indiscriminately for music lovers. As its name indicates, Sonic Stream Radio is an online radio station that streams only non-commercial music. In addition to non-commercial music and songs, the weekend radio program of Sonic Stream Radio also includes social dialogues and cultural news pertaining to the industry. 

Sonic Stream Radio is among the dedicated artist radio stations that stream innovative music from the worldwide melting pot of talent. The distinctive characteristic of Sonic Stream is that it streams music, social dialogues and cultural programmes without filtering. That is why it is one of those Internet radio stations that have not succumbed to the discriminative policies of the world leaders. Thus, listeners of Sonic Stream Radio get access to the deepest inroad into the global musical trends. Musical sommeliers host all the shows that are relayed by the radio, and the artist radio online allows them to curate their programmes independently in a personalised traditional style. 

The online radio program of Sonic Stream Radio emphasises on intergenerational and experimental content in order to celebrate the pioneering music of the present, the past and the future. Thus, users can listen to free music of whichever generation they prefer to. The free streaming radio provides classic music of the era gone by, the contemporary as well as the rebellious futuristic music. Its approach to push the boundaries encompasses grass-root level consideration to ensure that the music is not contaminated in pursuit of freedom and liberation. Thus, irrespective of their location, music lovers can listen to free music of their choice at least every weekend. 

There are several music radio stations in nearly every country. However, Sonic Stream Radio maintains its distinction by following its purpose keenly rather than getting diverted to the extreme commercialisation, which is the most common case. It supports multiple music media such VLC, Windows Media Player and Real Player. Besides, its website is optimised for music streaming so that visitors can listen to radio online without much ado. It has applications for Android and iOS devices, which are the most common mode of accessing any online content for the current generation. The website of the online music radio provides a few links that can also be used for listening to music. 

About Sonic Stream Radio: 

Website: http://www.sonicstreamradio.net/ 

Sonic Stream Radio is an online radio station that streams non-commercial music without filter every weekend. It also streams other programmes such as social dialogues and cultural news that are relevant to music industry. The online music resource supports multiple music players as well as online links to facilitate easy and unhindered listening.

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