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Weight Loss Laboratory Website Launched Offering Women Over 35 the Secrets to Losing Weight and Getting Healthy

10, September 2014: Failed diets and trendy weight loss programs, that just don't provide results. These are just some of the things that women over 35 have faced in the struggle to lose weight, and according to a new online resource much of these problems are the results of misinformation. Enter the recently launched website WeightLossLaboratory.com. Weight Loss Laboratory is the brain child of acclaimed weight loss coach and #1 Amazon fitness book seller Susan J Campbell, who has dedicated her considerable knowledge and experience towards helping women over 35 regain a vibrant lifestyle. This innovative approach has been met quick excitement. 

"We focus more on long-term lifestyle strategies that our clients can do for the rest of their lives to balance their hormones, lose unwanted body fat, and reclaim their health rather than short-term tactics that don't actually work and often can't be sustained over the long-term,” commented Campbell. "At Weight Loss Laboratory it's all about results!” 

The Weight Loss Laboratory site contains a mix of very helpful blog posts, a suggested reading and resource list and details about Campbell's extremely high rated personal weight loss coaching program. For new visitors to the site, two free ebooks are even offered: "The Fat Burning Blueprint” and "24 / 24” (a fat burning home workout), both written by Campbell and aimed specifically at helping women over 35 start their journey to being lean, healthy and fit. 

A client recently remarked about the Weight Loss Laboratory program, "Working with Susan at The Weight Loss Laboratory helped me lose my extra belly fat and even helped to resolve a few health issues I've been having. Susan is very knowledgeable and helped me figure out what the best lifestyle was for me to accomplish my goals. I no longer crave sugar and sleep like a baby every night.” 

For more information be sure to visit http://weightlosslaboratory.com.

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