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New Application Redefines Patient Roles, Transforms Healthcare Experiences

San Francisco, CA; 11, September 2014: CareSync announced the launch of CareSync Pro for business at the TEDMED 2014 Conference today. CareSync Pro provides a communication layer that for the first time connects healthcare entities with members, their families, & their caregivers to share valuable health information and facilitate care coordination. This marks the next big milestone of CareSync’s mission to connect people and data to create a better healthcare experience for everyone. 

The newest addition to CareSync’s care coordination solution employs the CareSync Plus concierge service that schedules appointments, collects medical records, and enters discrete data to create meaningful reports. CareSync Pro uses these resources to increase patient and provider confidence and to drive the role of the patient as the central source of data: 

* Access. Engagement is achieved with a personalized onboarding process, an implementation staff dedicated to connecting members and their caregivers, and the unprecedented ability for all parties to view the complete health record. 

* Influence. The ability to interact with patients and their families gives an abundance of new information. Monitor adherence to medications and treatment plans, track measurements, and set reminders for caregivers and patients. 

* Insight. Share relevant health summaries with providers to improve visits, interact with families and caregivers to understand what happens between visits, and collect user data for global data discovery. 

"As a physician and a healthcare advocate, the value of having access to well-summarized medical records can’t be overstated," said Carol G. DeVore, M.D. and Certified Senior Advisor with Amazing Healthcare Consultants. "CareSync is an amazing tool that helps connect families, caregivers and professionals, and I’m really excited for the release of CareSync Pro." 

CareSync Pro’s initial clients include healthcare advocates, a national payer, an organization that provides a loving home environment for orphans, and an employer who includes it in a benefits package. Hospitals, payers, providers, pharmacies, pharmacy benefits managers, healthcare advocates, and employers are just a few who have demonstrated interest in improving experiences while more effectively managing the health of their members on a HIPAA-compliant platform. 

"CareSync Pro simply and safely connects and organization’s members in one place," according to CareSync’s Implementation Manager, Kevin Miller. "This reinvents the experience between the organization and its member and provides a new level of confidence in care." 

To learn more about CareSync Pro, visit http://caresync.com/business or call 800.587.5227. For a demonstration of CareSync Pro, please email sales@caresync.com. 

About CareSync: 

CareSync connects people and data to redefine the patient’s role and create a better healthcare experience for everyone. Health Assistants collect all the user’s medical records from all the providers to build a comprehensive Health Timeline™. Users, their families, and their care teams access, filter, and share health information with an easy-to-use Web, iOS, and Android application. The app includes useful tools for care coordination, visit planning, task management, medication adherence, vitals tracking, and syncing with wearable devices. 

The enterprise communication layer, CareSync Pro gives businesses unprecedented access, insight and influence on a patient population. 

For Media Contact:
Contact: Courtney Larned
Phone: 727-366-5389
Email: courtney@caresync.com

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