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Creative Corrections Education Foundation (CCEF)

11, September 2014: Creative Corrections Education Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization based in Beaumont, Texas that provides new opportunities for at-risk kids of incarcerated parents who otherwise are extremely likely to participate in criminal activities. By providing the possibility of a better future, including academics, financial, legal and social success, we are able to empower these young men and women to change their lives. 

Mission Statement: 

CCEF’s mission is to provide educational opportunities to disadvantaged children of incarcerated individuals through scholarships and other creative strategies, in hopes of supporting and enhancing the futures of those children who may not otherwise have other options or alternatives. Our goal is to promote "Education verses Incarceration". Any donation to CCEF will make a tremendous impact on the foundation achieving its goal to reduce second generation crime making communities safer for all. 

CCEF Is In Need of Public Support: 

CCEF was founded in June 2012, and to date, Creative Corrections Education Foundation has awarded $73,000 in scholarship fund to kids who have a parent or legal guardian incarcerated or on parole. 

We were not able to award twenty six (26), kids due to lack of funds and we are requesting your help of donation support so we can help these disadvantaged kids with educational opportunities as well. 

We continue to solicit help to fund scholarships from various sources and if we could gain your support in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Just go to our website at: www.ccefscholarships.org to donate. 

As a reminder, CCEF’s main mission is to break the cycle of children following in their parents footsteps of going to prison. We believe that these disadvantage kids should have a choice of education verses incarceration. When there are no parents in the home to raise the kids, they will be raised by the streets. 

Remember, "It’s cheaper to send a kid to Yale than it is to Jail". 

For Media Contact:
Anthony Haynes, Executive Director
Creative Corrections Education Foundation
6545 Calder Ave
Beaumont, Tx 77706
(409) 861-2536
Website: www.ccefscholarships.org

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