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Falcon recruitment and training provides nursing & care personnel

United Kingdom; 13, September 2014: Staff requirements in nursing care, clinics, hospitals, old age homes and even residential homes have increased over the years. These people handle various responsibilities to take care of the needy. The nursing agencies often hire these people for their range of services. They look after physically disabled patients, injured people, old people, mentally disabled individuals, and relevant people. Falcon recruitment and training is a healthcare recruitment agency offering staff services to cover the planned or unplanned staff absences. Staff short falls can surface on busy periods like long term sickness, maternity leaves, staff training updates and holidays. Falcon’s staffing service focuses on providing professionally trained staff in a timely and affordable manner whose quality matches with that of permanent care staff. It has worked with numerous organisations like nursing home, prisons, private companies, NHS and more. Among the various medical recruitment agencies, Falcon is distinguished by maintaining the highest standards in service delivery. It works closely with the clients for establishing work partnerships. During medical recruitment, thorough analysis is done to ensure the professionally qualified nurses are registered with the agency. Compressive training packages are also offered to nurses and key employees at discounted prices. 

The agency operates nationally through extensive networking of regional offices. All of these branches have experienced nurse consultants. It follows the guidelines laid by Care Quality Commission. Falcon and its instructors have accreditation for carrying out various courses. It includes infection control, safe handling of medication, mental health awareness, introduction to control and restraint, substance misuse and more. Courses can be arranged to be delivered as per client’s convenience and even at his own place. Various e-learning courses are also offered by Falcon recruitment and training. These are well designed to support the health care professionals. They can act as valuable reference points which are accessible irrespective of place and time. It also dons the hat of a registered associate of Criminal Records Bureau. Apart from presence among nursing recruitment agencies, it offers friendly, cheap and fast CRB checking services throughout United Kingdom. 

Falcon recruitment and training is available 24 hours round the clock for seven days a week. The holiday and travel care services enable the clients with flexibility to shift them wherever they want. It could be inside UK or abroad for work, pleasure or holiday. The clients are supplied with their individual account managers to ensure a single point of contact for multiple needs. 

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Falcon Recruitment and Training provides comprehensive staffing services on short term and long term basis. It is dedicated to improve its own quality of service by ensuring proper training through the training centres spread throughout the country. Visit the website for more information.

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