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Forsentek Introduces Tension & Compression Load Cells for Force Measurement in Sensitive Places

13, September 2014: Tension and Compression Load Cells have their use in a variety of applications. These sensors can measure even the smallest range of tensions, which could be important for the functioning of a device. In order to meet the requirements of the precision mechanics of the modern times, industries can now rely on Tension and Compression Load Cells introduced by Forsentek Co. Ltd. The company brings improved quality load cells that can be used in varied industries.

According to the company spokesperson, their tension load cell comes in a compact shape and with a minimal weight, allowing it to be placed in different devices without any problem. It keeps working to measure the tension and load for the healthy functioning of a device. The quality tested cells made of high stiffness stainless steel and with precise engineering offer long-lasting performance. This is the reason why there is no need to replace the cells again and again and it gives a peace of mind throughout the life cycle of the devices.

The lightweight compression load cell can easily be placed in delicate devices. It can also be used to measure the tension of moving and vibrating elements of a device, as its own load is negligible. With their miniature size, these micro compression force sensors are becoming highly popular in different industry segments. The spokesperson maintains that they manufacture load cells to meet the standards of different industries. Since they meet the industry compliance, their products are now more desirable for different types of devices and applications.

Forsentek also boasts of its force transducer that has varied use in the force measurement industry. It can adequately measure both tension and compression force for different applications to keep functioning smoothly without encountering with any kind of error.

At Forsentek, they endeavor to keep bringing capable and improved quality products with continuous research and development. Moreover, they focus on custom designs that can meet the requirements of different industries. One can learn more about their different types of load cells by visiting their website www.forsentek.com

About Forsentek Co. Ltd.

Forsentek specializes in the design and development of quality load cells and force sensors. The company has also been offering strain gauge based load cells and force sensors since 2008. At Forsentek, clients can find a complete range of standard load cells, including Tension load cell, Compression load cell, Button load cell, Pancake load cell, Micro force sensor and Reaction torque sensor.

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