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Website Brings Accurate IQ Tests Online for Checking Your IQ Score and Fluid Intelligence

15, September 2014: From students to busy executives and entrepreneurs wanting to know their Intelligence Quotient, IQ-Brain.com offers a number of IQ tests for people to check their IQ score from the comfort of their own homes. For an accurate IQ test online,, and to see how your IQ score compares to others, log on at IQ-Brain.com

The spokesperson for the website claims that all three IQ tests resemble the level of difficulty and style as professionally-administered group IQ tests. The developer argues that the time pressure and level of difficulty of each IQ test mirrors that of the Mensa-administered Cattell Culture Fair IQ test. The IQ test scores obtained at IQ-Brain.com are accepted as proof of eligibility by a number of high IQ societies. IQ-Brain.com IQ tests are also said to be excellent test practice for anyone seeking to take a Mensa IQ test. Taking an accurate IQ test allows people to discover their level of intelligence or intellectual ability. The website, with its online IQ tests, aims to provide an accurate reading of IQ without the hassle and expense associated with professionally administered IQ tests. So why take an IQ test? It is well known the people with higher IQs tend to do better professionally, academically, are more wealthy and live healthier and richer lives. For instance, doctors as a group have an average IQ score of 125, while university students have an average IQ of 110-115, compared to the average IQ of 100.

According to the IQ-Brain.com spokesperson, all of its tests were developed by people who had taken the Mensa-administered Cattell culture fair IQ test and the IQ tests were fine tuned with the help of people with genius level IQs of 140+. All IQ test questions seek to test fluid intelligence, which in the brain's ability to solve new problems. Fluid intelligence can be thought as raw processing power of the brain. The tests are capable of measuring very high level of intelligence of up to 148. So, individuals with average to genius intelligence can check their IQ on the website. The site also offers a high IQ ranking as well as a IQ country ranking.

The website is able to determine whether someone has Mensa level IQ - which is an IQ score of 132 and corresponds to the 98th percentile (the top 2% of the population). Taking IQ-Brain.com IQ tests is essential practice to anyone thinking about taking a Mensa IQ test.

The website offers paid-for tests only. When asked why IQ-Brain.com are charging for IQ testing, the spokesperson responded: "People take the paid tests more seriously and they try to achieve the maximum IQ ranking. Also, people can take meaningless free online IQ tests which produce inflated IQ test results. So everyone taking free IQ tests go around thinking that they are geniuses by sadly everyone cannot be a genius. We have invested a great deal in the website to ensure that it produces accurate IQ test results which ought to be comparable to professionally-administered IQ test results. This is the reason why we have paid online IQ tests on our website,” he states.

So, if you don’t know how to Test my IQ, you can visit the website www.iq-brain.com

About IQ-Brain.com:

IQ-Brain.com is a website dedicated to assisting people to check their IQ levels. The website features online IQ tests that have been designed based on professionally administered IQ tests such as those administered by Mensa. The test scores provided by the website are accepted by a number of IQ societies across the world. The site also offers a comprehensive blog covering topics relating to intelligence, neuroplasticity, how to improve your intelligence and IQ generally.

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