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NeoSleeve’s New Sports Armband For iPhone A Hit

15, September 2014: NeoSleeve's new armband product has only just hit Amazon's shelves and is already receiving rave reviews from impressed consumers.

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The armband product was released only last week and customers who have purchased their own NeoSleeve are publishing strong reviews on Amazon, claiming that the product is very much a breath of fresh air:

"I do my research when shopping for just about everything and this armband ticked all the boxes for me. Needless to say I definitely don't regret the choice – the armband is perfect!" – Bryce Harrington.

"I honestly can't really fault the design of this thing. It's sturdy, yet super comfortable and I can slide my iPhone 5c in without a problem… NeoSleeve has really gone the extra mile here." – Gary Thomas.

"I have a small frame, and most armbands don't fit my arms - but this one works great… Basically the armband does everything it says it does, so I'm pretty happy with it!" – Thomas Smith.

Customers are also using their reviews as an opportunity to show their appreciation for NeoSleeve's high level of customer service, as well as the ebook offered freely by health and fitness author Benjamin Marks.

NeoSleeve only yesterday began to offer a sizeable discount to their product in order to move greater quantities following the product's launch. With many reviews published so soon after the launch, NeoSleeve anticipates several dozen reviews to be accumulated prior to the end of the month due to their increased sales as a result of yesterday's promotion. The company also expects that with more and more social proof their sales will begin to snowball as a result.

About NeoSleeve:

Website: http://www.neosleeve.com

NeoSleeve are the proud creators of the NeoSleeve sports armband for iPhone. The small team prides themselves on their deep attention to design detail and stand by their promises of perfection.

For Media Contact:: NeoSleeve

For all media enquires please contact Nicole Hart at media@neosleeve.com

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