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Molbase serves as a Chemical database with updated information

China, 15, September 2014: Scientific chemicals are widely used by institutions, schools, colleges, chemical professionals and many others. These are usually kept in specialized containers for possessing unique features. They can be harmful at times on direct exposure. They are also precious and emphasis is given to maintain that these products aren’t misused or wasted. On a similar note, Molbase is a chemical search engine which is designed to be a one stop solution for scientific chemical needs. It helps the professionals working in the field of chemicals with real time data on chemical products. The buyers are able to connect with the chemical suppliers through a single search enquiry. Fully updated and verified information is available on the suppliers. The location name, company name and type are also available. Professional abilities of these companies are listed in detail. It speaks about their technical personnel, production or lab area, certification, and more. There is not just the information of local and national suppliers. Information of suppliers based in India, Canada, United States, Germany, UK, Russia, France and Romania are also listed. Product names are given according to their CAS no. and formulae. These details can be also used for searching the required chemicals.

The professional buyers have now the easiest economical way of buying their chemical requirements. Molbase is one of the leaders in Molecule B2B platform worldwide. It offers a comprehensive e-commerce purchasing services. The services are designed to take the hassle out of smooth purchasing. Instead of wasting precious time solely on supplier finding, entering data, price check and availability, the more important things can be pursued. It includes the crucial tasks like supervision and approval of orders, and analyzing the purchasing patterns. With proper planning, the budget can be invested to maximize benefit. The company puts emphasis on pharmaceutical, advanced intermediaries, customer synthesis, R and D, fine chemicals, and specialty chemistry. Due attention is also given to focus on accelerating the growth of biological and chemical related industry.

Molbase is dedicated to connecting the global buyers to the suppliers. It is whole heartedly committed to be an accurate and reliable free molecular information database. The suppliers can also increase their sales channels. CRO institutions can place orders online and buy. As a result, they minimize time and sourcing costs. Through an open free platform, they are able to access new suppliers. Buyers may get their choice of products at reasonable prices by placing orders on regular or occasional basis.

About Molbase:


Molbase is a free to use website with data of a wide range of molecules and scientific chemicals. It connects the buyers with chemical suppliers as per the search requirements. Visit the website for more information on their services.

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