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Best US Strollers In 2014 Still Not A Match For Modern Day Moms

16, September 2014: According to Mr Neil Speight of Nevada based accessory company "Freddie and Sebbie," strollers aren't actually equaling the requirements of modern day mom, who stated... "After seeking advice from a number of US stroller owners, we were left believing that the requirement for a stroller organizer is still there. The feedback we got was very helpful, and enabled our innovative team to develop the brand-new Freddie and Sebbie luxurious stroller organizer, with the purpose of being the ideal partner for modern day strollers and moms alike."

Freddie and Sebbie™

He continued by saying ... "Our own Amazon validated consumers are over the moon with their stroller organizer, with released comments like... "I bought this stroller organizer as a storage solution for an Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. It attaches to the stroller handle by means of a broad-coverage hook & loop (Aka Velcro) attaching system. That makes it both extremely easy to set up and highly adjustable (depending on what I'm storing and exactly what I'm doing, I might have the caddy stretched tautly between the handles or hanging with a bit of slack so it can swing independently). None of this convenience would be practical if the system gave way under light load or basic use. Thankfully, this hook & loop material appears purpose-built and develops a reassuringly strong connection. It grabs hold firmly and does not let go without being separated manually."

Stroller Organizer Bag

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Modern day mothers are literally loaded with a whole range of baby accessories, drinks, treats, gizmos, toys and the list goes on, but it would appear by what people are stating, that strollers simply aren't as modern as mothers are today. Another Freddie and Sebbie client also said... "I am so happy with my purchase. This is exactly what I was looking for in a stroller organizer for my b-agile Britax stroller. It has a number of pockets, big & small to accommodate anything from a pack of gum to my sun-glass case. I also lug my Sony D-camera in it on my trips out to the shopping center & the park. Finally, terrific materials are used in the product, it certainly looks great on the stroller!"

Another client is found on Amazon as saying ... "This is the very best stroller organizer I've discovered. We have an Uppababy Vista and as many Vista owners understand, the UB stroller organizer is dreadful. After that, I attempted the Diono, Skip Hop and Britax organizers. I like how smooth the Skip Hop one looks, but it's just so "fit together". It's okay for simple strolls. The Britax one is okay, however the quality and structure of the Freddie and Sebbie organizer far surpasses it. I'll be buying another one so I don't need to keep changing between the UB and our Jogger. The storage is outstanding and it's so strong. I love this organizer and I'm so sad I lost so much cash on all the other organizers when the best one was staring at me right in the face!"

Neil concluded by saying... "We had the ability to produce a baby stroller organizer that has additional drink and bottle holders, three extra pockets, and a big front zip compartment, where baby diapers, baby wipes, bags and other infant products can be stored." The Freddie and Sebbie universal deluxe stroller organizer is sold solely on Amazon.com. The consumer feedback seen above can be found under the baby stroller organizer category on Amazon.

For more information about the Freddie and Sebbie line of products, please visit http://www.freddieandsebbie.com For specific information and ordering for the stroller organizer, please visit http://www.amazon.com/Stroller-Organizer-Guaranteed-Accessories-Investment/dp/B00CKYPV08/

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