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Jinan MORN Presents its New Metal Laser Cutting Machine Range

Jinan City, China; 17, September 2014: Jinan MORN Technology Company announces to bring new laser cutting machines featuring the latest technology and innovation. The new metal laser cutting machine is remarkable for their high performance level and is cost-effective because of low consumption of energy. Moreover, the machines are proven to offer a precise cutting to help maintain a superb finish.

The spokesperson of the company maintains that the machines have been engineered to perform at reduced energy consumption levels and are highly meant for the modern industries. These machines are designed to process a wide variety of materials due to their functioning at different wavelengths. One can also cut different reflective materials such as aluminum, brass and others. This is the reason why these cutting machines can be employed in a wide range of industries. Laser source lights the Xenon lamp and crystal rods absorb optical to produce the laser and guided by a computerized control system, one can use the machines to achieve high quality outputs.

The new machine range also features the laser wood engraving machine, available at an affordable price range. These engraving machines are available in different sizes and they can work on different materials, such as wood and acrylic. They also have brought small-size engraving machines that are compact in size and can be used to carry out all types of engraving tasks in an efficient manner. These small machines are also easily portable from one place to another.

According to the spokesperson, they also have diversified their CNC router range to help achieve a greater degree of performance. For example, their desktop CNC router could be used to work on two different pieces simultaneously. They also have multi spindle CNC routers that can significantly enhance the work efficiency. These routers can work on both metal and non-metal surfaces and are available at an affordable price range.

All these machines feature high-cutting precision speed. With a simple architecture, they are easy to operate to help achieve the desired results. These have simple and compact layout that inspires a simple and effective working on a variety of materials. One can learn more about these new machines by visiting their website www.morntech.com.

About Jinan MORN Technology Co. Ltd:

Jinan MORN Technology Company is located in the high-tech development zone in Jinan city, north of China. The company is the professional manufacturer and exporter of mechanical CNC router machine, laser machine and other relevant equipment.

For Media Contact:
Telephone: +0086 531 66982237
Fax: +0086 531 88692337
Email: info@morntech.com
Website: www.morntech.com

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