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How to recover partition table from Acer Aspire E1-472G-6844

17 September, 2014: The first generation of the Acer Aspire E1-472G-6844 was so obvious in its intentions, we gave it the nickname DellBook Air.

The Acer Aspire E1-472G-6844 has a good combination of processor, RAM, and Nvidia graphics for its price, and all the legacy ports you've always dreamed of (Ethernet, VGA).The Acer Aspire E1-472G is a laptop I'm sure I've seen before somewhere. The deja vu occurred the moment I first snapped open its plastic lid. This the big-boned budget laptop, packed with capable but generic specs, ready to serve you decently, but not impressively. It's harder to accept than ever. The one new addition? The latest entry-level Nvidia GeForce 820M graphics, which are better than you'd otherwise get. It's a shame they're stuck in a laptop that feels so low-rent in design and comfort.In terms of raw under-the-hood specs, you get a fair amount of PC here: 8GB of RAM, a decent ultrabook-level Intel Core i5 processor, and 500GB hard drive. An extra Nvidia GeForce 820M graphics processor with 2GB of VRAM is this particular Acer config's main calling-card feature, since it's part of Nvidia's new graphics line.

Most of us need to separate our hard drives into several partitions to manage our multiple data for different usage. But we accidently encounter a circumstance that when we try to access one of the partitions a dialogue box pops up: "Disk Disk/Drive is not Formatted..." or PC shows no partition. The above situation demonstrates that your partition table is broken. Do you have no idea about what caused these happened or how to recover the partition?

Use "Recover partition" to recover lost files quickly after partition table corrupte.

Use "Full Scan" to do deep scan for recovering lost files after partition table corrupte .

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