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Infertility Expert Explains Why Couples Prefer Spain For IVF Treatment

18, September 2014: Director of fertility clinic IVF-Spain SL, Dr Jon Aizpurua states that most of their patients come from Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia and Holland, and most likely because their clinical team speak their languages and are likewise familiar with the culture of these nations. He then said..."Language and culture are not an obstacle when it comes to personalizing an IVF treatment at IVF-Spain." 


With over 200 centers for reproductive medicine in Spain, I asked Dr Jon what made IVF-SPAIN so successful, and he responded... "There are lots of reproductive medicine clinics throughout the nation due to the fact that Spain is a world leader in scientific innovation and the treatment of fertility disorders. At IVF SPAIN, our gestation success rate is much higher than other centers, due to our cutting edge innovation, I+D+I and highly personalized treatments. Our clients get personal attention and individual treatment, and this is what makes us different. Becoming parents is not always simple and many couples are dissatisfied when they are not able to start a family. At IVF Spain, we aim to make their dreams become a reality, and accomplish what seemed impossible!" 

So I asked him to explain in details "customized attention," and this is what he said... "We are committed to offering customized, individualized care, as we believe this is the secret to successful reproduction. At IVF SPAIN, physicians study all the information concerning the client's infertility. Our medical group will certainly explore the client's full professional history of reproduction and plan the treatment accordingly as a treatment developed solely for them alone. Our effective maternity rates are much higher than the national average. With a treatment of egg contribution, pregnancy success rates go beyond 75 % while the average in Spain is around 38 %, according to the Spanish Society for Fertility." 

I then asked him if he might attribute the technology made use of at IVF-SPAIN for their high IVF success rates, and he responded... "IVF-Spain offers its patients a specialist professional clinical group provided with modern devices and the most recent technology for assisted reproduction. Our laboratory is classified as a "Clean Room," where external products such as floors and paintwork are toxin-free. Scientific investigation is in reality one of the 3 elements which provide us greater maternity success rates. We have established a brand-new method, vitrification of semen, and the very first baby conceived by this approach was born in July this year. We are currently working on jobs concerning immunology and also those involving development hormones. We intend to increase pregnancy in females who have a poor response to medication." 

Spain has also been seen to offer the very best diet plan for improving IVF success rates while undergoing "in vitro fertilization," thanks to omega-3 oil found in Mediterranean fish, and undoubtedly the sun and paella are other great reasons why couples selected Spain to go through IVF treatment. Dr Jon Aizpurua is the director of IVF-Spain and a worldwide renowned specialist in the field of Assisted Reproductive Treatments. For couples thinking about IVF Treatment in Spain, a free online IVF test is offered by IVF-Spain on their main web site. 

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