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Four major principles to avoid high-calorie in breakfast

Azusa, CA; 18, September 2014: 

The safest simple ingredients
Always can not help pick up the most abundant ingredients, cheapest bread? More likely to represent the higher the calorie-rich ingredients. Recommend selection of "flavor" or simply no ingredients as bread, Like French bread, plain bagels, etc. With a little sweet jam meal is low-calorie. 

Good quality French bread, Taste the lovely aroma of wheat when chewing, Like roam the countryside in Europe, enjoy the beautiful simplicity of solid taste. When I used to go to Europe to play, Each meal will be accompanied by the crispy soft, hot toast, There is no any ingredients, Light stick a little bit of olive oil and wine vinegar, Everyone like to eat whole pieces bare. Especially the obesity when taking fruta planta

Whole wheat nuts Priority
Their choice of high card high oil stuffed bread, Better to pick contain "nuts" in "multigrain bread". Nuts are a good natural oils, rich in various vitamins, essential amino acids, Relatively healthy. 

In addition, the use of "unrefined whole grain flour" made of whole wheat bread, Nutrients and dietary fiber content is very rich, The next time the selection of bread, Might as well have "whole wheat" bread keyword class started gripping. 

Soft bread easily overdose
Generally speaking crowd favorite soft bread, For the sake of its soft texture, the production process will add a lot of fat, In addition to the high heat, but also because without struggling to chew and easy to overdose. 

Complete desktop without feeding bread, heat about 190 kcal, If more join the chocolate, butter, cheese stuffed, Or a variety of floss, hot dogs and other ingredients, But the heat will soar straight up! Like a little floss bread, Heat had soared to 300 kcal, Do not eat up a great sense of satiety. 

If it is really like soft bread, You can select "Original small meal package", Once limited to two, not another buttered, And lengthen the chewing time, increase satiety, Avoid eating too much time. 

Note the high card keyword
But also to remind everyone that though diet pills like fruta planta pills is a good way to lose weight, nutritionally balanced is very important! 

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