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Party with a Local – Android Launch

18, September 2014: Party with a Local, the free app that connects travellers and locals that want to party, is now available on Android. The Party with a Local app is a fun way to meet locals, make new friends and find the best parties all over the world. It’s a bit like Couchsurfing, without the couch.

Party with a Local is launching globally on Android and is now available to download for free on the Google Play Store. Party with a Local was originally released on iOS in Europe, in October 2012, and launched with a big party in Amsterdam. This time the party is going to be even bigger.

Party with a Local is already a truly global app, with users in 142 countries, around 3000 cities and across 7 continents – including Antarctica. Now also available on Google Play in 51 languages – including Zulu. The Android launch will continue to grow this worldwide community of locals and travellers.

The Party with a Local team is led by Dan Fennessy and Paulo Antunes, who are based in Amsterdam.

How it works:
- Sign in with Facebook
- Find locals, travellers and expats nearby
- Set what you're up for – go for a beer, go clubbing, go for coffee etc.
- Find the best local bars and clubs
- Chat
- Meet
- Party!

Further Information:
Website: http://www.partywithalocal.com
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pwal
App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/party-with-a-local/id562560874?mt=8
Blog: http://blog.partywithalocal.com

For Media Contact:
Dan Fennessy (Founder & CEO)
Email: dan@partywithalocal.com
Ph. +31 6180 74744
Skype: daniel_fennessy

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