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New Company NeoSleeve to produce iPhone 6 Jogging Case

19, September 2014: NeoSleeve, the Australian startup that recently debuted their first product, an iPhone 5 jogging case, has today announced that they will indeed soon be producing an armband for the new iPhone 6 – but not the larger iPhone 6 Plus at this time. 


The decision to create an armband for the smaller of the two models only came as no surprise to many, as some believe that the ‘plus-sized model' is simply too big. NeoSleeve creator Ashford Thomas stated that the second reason for not creating a NeoSleeve for the iPhone 6 Plus is that it would mean a larger division of human and financial resources for the time being. 

Ashford went on to elaborate on this point, stating that three different sports armband products would simply be too much for the small team to currently handle. Should they choose to create armbands for both of the new iPhones, they are afraid it could possibly result in an underwhelming product and poorer customer experience – two business elements that NeoSleeve holds in high regard, and are not prepared to risk at this time. 

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are Apple's new additions to the iPhone range. The new models have 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch screens respectively, and sport upgraded hardware including HD retina screens, the faster A8 chip, and better optics for the rear 8-megapixel iSight camera (with some extra camera features added for the 6 Plus). The new iPhones are available for retail purchase as of today, with pre-sale orders selling out incredibly fast in the past week. 

About NeoSleeve: 

Website: http://www.amazon.com/iPhone-Running-Case-Investment-Guarantee/dp/B00KL7ARCI 

NeoSleeve are the proud creators of the NeoSleeve sports armband for iPhone. The small team prides themselves on their deep attention to design detail and stand by their promises of perfection. 

Media Enquiries: NeoSleeve 

For all media enquires please contact Nicole Hart at media@neosleeve.com

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