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WEBster Computing Services (webcs.com) keeps SEO servers alive

Massachusetts; 19, September 2014: WEBster Computing Services announces it has signed on its third data center to specialize in SEO dedicated server support. 

WEBster Computing Services (webcs.com) was formed in Massachusetts and is one of the oldest hosts and dedicated server providers in the world, starting operations in 1996. 

They have been leading the way in dedicated server support and allocations. The world of IP address assignment has become competative and working with a stable provider that has been here long-term is more important than ever. 

In relation to this announcement, webcs.com's owner stated "it is critical that we are able to provide IP addresses to those webmasters who need them
... the internet has run out of them, however, there are a bunch of IPs being hoarded by large companies 
... our role is to give the small and medium companies a chance".

WEBcs.com offers SEO dedicated servers in multiple data centers with IP allocations up to 250 with multiple class-C sets.

They also offer a wide range of normal dedicated servers in a half dozen locations all around the U.S.

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