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The Knights Templar GCKT International offers a platform for a humanitarian community for likeminded souls

19, September 2014: United States of America, 19th September 2014: Humanitarian organizations across the world serve as a common platform to contribute their efforts towards development of the society. One initiative which has been taken to offer a platform for a humanitarian community for the like-minded people is The Knights Templar GCKT International. The community is open for members and helps them to take inspiration from the highest ideals of medieval Order of Knights Templar. The organization demonstrates 9 principles which includes Chivalry, Courage, Honour, Integrity, Humility, Loyalty, Courtesy, Charity, & Wisdom. These principles are inspired from the original founder named Hugues de Payens and 8 fellow noblemen from Jerusalem circa 1118. The primary reasons for demonstrating these principles are the strong correlations with the Latin Rule of Templars which was adopted by Hugues. The other correlation is drawn from the guidance of St Benard of Clairvaux and the Council of Troyes in the year 13th January 1129.

The organization is affiliated to Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem which is commonly referred to as the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem. The order is also formally recognized by OSMTJ Templar Order of England and Wales. Being a member as a Knight Templar, members would learn to demonstrate the ideals and behaviors of Templarism. From the start the organization introduces the concept of Pay It Forward, Acts of Random Kindness, etc. This leads them to do great deeds for others and leave a trackable ARK card showing the number of times the card has been paid forward. With the ARK project it facilitates people to go into schools and setup different reward programs for children. As per this initiative these children are taught as well as rewarded to spread the message that it’s cool to be kind. The organization has also introduced the idea of an International Response Team which comprises of suitably qualified as well as vetted volunteers. The idea of this initiation is support people across the world who are in crisis.

The initiatives adopted are now 4 years old and the organization is geared up to offer several new programs. A new program dedicated for the Templar members for qualifying in the advanced spiritual methodology as well as application of defeating demonic influence across the world. This program has been named Spiritual Warrior Program.

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The Knights Templar GCKT International is an international organization which offers a platform for likeminded people to come together and contribute towards betterment and development of the society. There are various programs run by the organization and they preach the 9 core values that includes Chivalry, Courage, Honour, Integrity, Humility, Loyalty, Courtesy, Charity, & Wisdom.

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