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Katy Perry Hot and Raring to Go! The Katy Perry Story

New York; 19, September 2014: As an American songwriter and pop icon, Katy Perry is right up there with Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga as the voice of the Millennial Generation. Her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, and she was born in Santa Barbara the second child of Mary Hudson (nee Perry) and Christian pastor Keith Hudson, on October 24, 1984. So how did this precocious young Christian child become katy perry hot model and sexy diva, who is considered a sex object and had her share of controversies? It goes beyond this girl with a younger brother and an older sister who are all raised in family that was deeply religious, obviously. Perhaps it's rebellion in her adulthood or outside influences, but this good Christian girl eventually became a representative of the voiceless even though others called her shameless. 

More about Katy Perry and Her Musical Background 

For someone who only listened to gospel music early on, Katy Perry ended up with quite the different career projection one would expect. Instead of becoming the next Vertical Horizon, Creed, or typical female Gospel/Country singer, she made millions with her hit single, "I Kissed a Girl". Quite incredible for a gal whose first experience singing was through a choir at their church. Nevertheless, it was through church music that Katy's passion for music grew and spread (like a firework, perhaps). She proves that hard work and dedication does pay off, but a lot of luck and growing up might be called for. 

When she was 15, Perry started visiting Nashville (hence the earlier "Country" connection with her "Gospel" singing), which gave her experience when it comes to songwriting and recording demos (the bread and butter of singers everywhere). At some point in her life, she was signed to Red Hill, a Christian record label, at the age of 17. She even released a pop album under her name "Kathy Hudson", but she wasn't particularly successful with it. She blended with the rest of the Gospel singer or Country singer crowd, plus Christian music wasn't exactly "mainstream" to begin with. Then again, when she did rise to success, her Christian values of acceptance and love shown through her otherwise "un-Christianly" work. 

It was when Katy moved to LA that things started looking up for her. Her collaboration with Glen Ballard might not have resulted in a lasting record deal, but it was definitely a step in the right direction. In 2004, she signed up with Columbia Records, but that too ended up a dead end. It wasn't all futile, though. Virgin Records' Chairman, Jason Flom, met with Perry after she was recommended to him by a Columbia executive. This resulted in her singing in Capitol Music Group. 

Recent News: 

It was her second album that allowed her to make her hit single that turned her into a superstar, to be true. One of the Boys was the album that spawned many of Katy Perry's huge hits, awards, and music industry records. It was followed up by Teenage Dream, which was then rereleased as a promotional piece to promote her documentary feature film, "Katy Perry: Part of Me". Showing that she's no one-hit or one-album wonder, she released in 2013 her "Roar" single and her Prism album. 


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