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Everyone please donate for the funeral send off of philanthropist Graham

United States of America, 22, September 2014: Old age comes with the risk of inflicting health and fitness issues. Inspite of exercising caution with food and other things, it doesn’t guarantee a seamless survival. Sixty five year old Graham suffers from late stage Motor Neurone Disease. He was diagnosed with this condition about three weeks ago. Indiegogo requests everyone to come forward and show their support to ensure the man receives the right kind of send off that he deserves. 

Graham was associated with The South Wales Borderers, Royal Welsh and TA service. In his service life, spanning more than 30 years, he visited to Northern Ireland, Japan and Aiden on several missions. After leaving the Army job, he went on to work with NHS for about 33 years. He serviced them with full dedication and passion. As a union officer voluntarily, he serviced in posts such as Welfare Officer. Graham also volunteered as Welfare Officer for the local branch of Army association. The man spent his whole life by helping the needy and unprivileged people. Giving him an honourable send off would mean a lot to his family and friends. 

Unfortunately, Graham has the Progressive Bulbar Palsy type in the late stage Motor Neurone. He was diagnosed with this problem very late. Following this, he is unable to speak and swallow food. He is being fed by using a tube that goes deep into his mouth. More importantly, there are only few weeks left before the disease gets the better of him. The proud man’s lifelong devotion to helping others should be at least acknowledged by bidding goodbye honourably. Any kind of donation will be received and appreciated whole heatedly. The contributors would be remembered forever for this act of kindness. 

Indiegogo and the family of Graham would be indebted to anyone who can donate as per their affordability. It would help massively in achieving the send off deserved by the good human being. It won’t be a luxurious gathering but aimed at raising at least £ 3,500. In case more than the above mentioned funds are raised, it will be donated to the other causes. The money would go to those causes which were strongly felt by Graham. Those who couldn’t donate can spread the word as much as possible. Doing this much only could help make a difference. Anyone can share the campaign using the share tools provided by Indiegigo. 

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Indiegogo is a website that enables the user to turn their dream projects into reality by garnering monetary support and social assistance. It urges everyone to contribute what they can afford to bid goodbye to an ailing Graham. He has supported and helped the needy and underprivileged people with full dedication and passion. Anyone willing to make any contribution or support the cause can visit the website for more information.

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