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Top 5 Pos Bluetooth Printer/Label Printer Manufacturer – HPRT

24, September 2014: Use traditional printer, you have to through the transmission lines connected to printer equipment and computer, it's very troublesome. However if the printer integrated Bluetooth technology, it will become much move more convenient. The Pos Bluetooth Printer adapter can implementation wireless data transmission. The Bluetooth printer adapter is one of the wireless network transmission technologies. In order to make all kinds of digital products can apply to a Bluetooth device; it uses a universal short distance wireless connection technology Bluetooth printer adapter.


The Bluetooth printer adapter which have many advantages such as convenient and cheap mainly used in the following respects:

1. File transfer-can transfer files across different software platform (As the business card from the cell phone to PDA)
2. Data synchronization-support the information synchronization between different operating platform (of data between computers and mobile phones)
3. Speech transmission-The transmission of voice information Via Bluetooth.
4. Fragment Bluetooth Network-Virtual network.
5. File exchange- Business card, conference proceeding, to-do exchange.
6. Short message management-Edit to send text messages by mobile phone.
7. File management- Edit category on the mobile phone address book, upload and download data, ring tones, pictures.
8. Data transmission- can be connected to the printer with Bluetooth function realization of Bluetooth printer.
9. Simulation of string mouth-To simulate the RS-232 sequence in the mode of wireless transmission protocol (Such as support for Bluetooth printer)
10. Dial up network- A modem to dial, in order to connect to the internet (Such as computer via Bluetooth mobile phone Internet GPRS/CDMA)
11. Not only the Data transmission of obvious advantages, appearance is more compact and flexible, than traditional infrared adapter is much smaller, good-looking appearance, more convenient to carry.

Bluetooth printer adapter can be an easy job to make the computer realize wireless printer function; make the wireless office environment to extend once again. At the same time, also need not drive, no need of complicated settings and installed, allowing you to easily upgrade is hither to unknown. You and your family, friends and partners us can remain free, not bound to any cable.


Keyword:4 Inch Label Printer

Title: 4 Inch Label Printer

Text: Label is used for noting you something necessary and important. You can get some information you need through labels. Name of Commodity , instructions, sizes, tips are all took on the labels. Referring to the label printer , different label printers are of various kinds of types and functions.

For HPRT, we are handling there kinds of Label Printer Manufacturer, they are of different sizes respectively. In these label printer, LP1062 is a 4 inch thermal transfer label printer , the multifunctional one. Concerning the electronic products , the feature and specification are the points we pay attention to while we are choosing. Certainly, we ought to learn the features at first. The 4 inch label printer supports big capacity thermal transfer ribbon , AUTO label detection function. For the look, the commodity with external paper roll holder and user friendly clamshell design. About printers, noisy problem always the one we want to avoid. Low printing noise is one of the advantages of the label printer. Some electronic products are hard for us to use, easy loading mechanism and maintenance can help you to use the printer easily.

For electronic products, something about specification we note mostly. The specification includes print, label, thermal transfer ribbons, memory, graphics and so on. LP1062 label printer is used for printing fan fold, continuous label and non- continuous label. Furthermore, the label width and thickness, label roll outer diameter and label roll inter diameter, memory, power supply are all the important points we need to learn. After knowing the specifications, we don't need to doubt which one to but anymore.

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