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MY COS Announces Special Deals for September Featuring Cosplay Costumes and wig & Zombie 3D T Shirts

24, September 2014: Cosplay products are very popular among the modern generations that give them a flexibility to personalize products as per their taste and choice. One can customize t-shirts, costumes, towels, mouse pads, and cushions with funny and interesting cartoon characters on these items. MY COS offers a Cosplay picture cloud to its customers, helping them to choose images from a large range for their personalized cosplay costume and wig or other cosplay items. 

The spokesperson of the company maintains that many people find their favorite cartoon characters as a source of inspiration for them, and this is the reason why they want those characters to be in front of their eyes. “And cosplay products could be the best way to get associated with the favorite character,” she states. According to her, they have a very simple process of cosplay customization. One needs to choose the favorite design from their Cosplay picture cloud and needs to send it to their customer services. They will then imprint the picture on the chosen item. 

MY COS can deliver cosplay customized cushion in different shapes and sizes. They maintain a quick turnaround and delivery process and also ensure the most competitive prices to the worldwide customers. Moreover, they endeavor to deliver the products that precisely meet the client requirements. They can replicate different characters and tattoos that are according to the customer’s personalization needs. 

The September collection features a wide variety of attractive products, available at special prices. Their zombie 3d t shirt is the special attraction that is gaining huge attention from the global customers. According to the spokesperson, “It’s fun wearing a zombie t-shirt with a high quality 3D printing. We are receiving a large number of orders for these t-shirts from different parts of the world on a daily basis.” 

From children, youths to grown-ups, all will find a wide variety of cosplay items on the MY COS website that can appeal to them. One can check their latest September collection and other products on their website http://www.mycosworld.com. 

About MY COS: 

MY COS is an innovative company which aims to provide worldwide Cosplayers quality and trendy cosplay products at affordable prices. The company has own independent design team and strictly supervises every step from material procurements to product designing. Moreover, the company’s global sourcing team travels around to catch the latest trends and develop the newest and cool products for the global customers. 

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Email: mycosworld@mycosworld.com
Website: http://www.mycosworld.com

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