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SongRegistration Offers Multiple Registration Plans for Different Situations

24, September 2014: Regarded as a global leader in independent music registration, SongRegistrationTm offers multiple song registration plans for different situations: One to four songs registered online together for just $29.95 total, or an unlimited number of songs for just $99.95 a year. Either plan is the least expensive in the industry and, as an added benefit, the company's tens of thousands of registrars worldwide also get relevant music news and great songwriting tips to complement their songwriting efforts.

SongRegistration's services are recognized as the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to establish evidence of copyright by documenting and memorializing one's music, be it lyrics only or full songs. And regardless of which registration plan is chosen, registrars receive the best customer support on the planet and secure SSL for all registrations.

Validating its popularity and value, SongRegistrationTm has consistently announced dramatic increases in annual registration numbers nearly every year since its formation. Part of the reason is the company's mission of striving to go far beyond the needs and expectations of its clients, offering – not only meticulous attention to detail and complete security – but also answering any and all questions and concerns that inevitably pop up during the registration process.

Headquartered in the United States, SongRegistration's parent company was founded in 1975, its CEO is a licensed attorney, and its services are used and endorsed by registrars, songwriters and music publishers in more than 55 countries.

Every year clients from around the world entrust their precious original work with SongRegistrationTm, receiving in return the most important thing any songwriter can hope for: Artistic Peace of Mind.

Though many have tried to copy its business model, SongRegistrationTm is the original music registration site – and the top choice in independent song registration.

To learn more, please check out https://songregistration.com. For inquiries, please contact them at songs@songregistration.com.

For Media Contact:
Contact: Peter Goldberger
Company: SongRegistration.com
Address: 7660-H Fay Avenue, Suite 342,
La Jolla, CA 92037 USA
Telephone Number: (858) 456-1234
Email: songs@songregistration.com

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