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JDS Certified Inc / INgrooves / Universal Music Group Distribution Signs Major Distribution deal with Astonishing Artist “BAM 4 REAL”

24, September 2014: Dajuan Foster, most popularly known as BAM 4 REAL, was born on July 13, 1989 in Lancaster, South Carolina. Growing up, BAM had musical influences from 2 Pac, Biggie Smalls, Scarface, Nas and many other hip hop legendaries! He soon became heavily recognized locally for his freestyle ability. Taking the advice of his friends, he began working on his first album entitled "Real Life" in which he quickly sought out the best music producers and recording engineers he could afford. His strong work ethics led him to meet with Ira Parker, the owner of Maximus Music Records recording studio. Here, Bam began to record his album with the help of celebrity engineer Black Pearl. Through his relationship with Maximus Music Records, BAM was introduced to Demario Mcilwain of JDS Certified Inc. in which he signed a major distribution deal.


The chain reaction of events and relationships has led BAM toward a worldwide debut of his lyrical ability. His highly anticipated single, "What The F... I Hate" off his independent album "Real Life" is street certified and is due to be released SEPT 16, 2014 worldwide through JDS Certified / INgrooves exclusively distributed through Universal Music Group Distribution.


BAM 4 REAL delivers impactful dynamic lyrics about real life stories that leave true hip hop fans hanging on the edge. He will make you take notice once you hear the real side of street life from his point of view. Be prepared to embrace BAM's exceptional talent and the real story behind his music as he takes hip hop music to a whole other level!

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