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Race2fundraise assists in materialising fundraising ideas

United Kingdom, 25, September 2014: Man is not the only social animal on the planet. However, one of the distinctions between social behaviour of humans and that of other animals is charity, which is characterised by selflessness. Reaching and convincing the mass is integral successful fundraising, and Race2fundraise provides a platform for the same. However, it has been launched with a unique concept. Instead of organising charity events for non-profit organisations, it provides an online platform that charities can use to create entertaining race games for the masses. The visitors pay a specific amount to participate in the virtual race, and thus, the non-profit firm raises fund. 

There are many online games websites that are regularly used by numerous users. There is no scarcity of Internet users, who pay handsome amount to enjoy games online or otherwise. Non-profit organisations can attract such people through creative charity fundraising ideas. It is notable that humans, in general, have the inclination to support welfare causes. The concept of Race2fundraise is already unique and interesting. Charities only need to use its resources to create an entertaining and engaging race game. Notably, it does not have to be the best videogame on Earth, because there are enough good people who appreciate effort and are eager to spend money for good. 

Race2fundraise provides all the resources to non-profit organisations to enable them materialise fundraising event ideas in the parallel universe (the web). They can set the start and end points for the virtual race, define the course, control the weather, select characters for players to choose and so on. The website has flexible, streamlined and graphical user-interface that allows users to define and launch a race within a few minutes. If physical activities for fundraising are good and effective, the events started at Race2fundraise are not less either. The platform is especially advantageous for small non-profit groups that do not have enough time and resources to organise real events even with the assistance of a fundraising company. 

A school fundraiser can be conveniently initiated with the help of Race2fundraise. Virtual races are more likely to be effective with children and users can better relate them to the cause. Any individual or group related to a welfare cause and has creative ideas for fundraising can utilise the unique online platform for effective results. It is cost-effective since event-creators do not have to spend considerable time or money. Thus, the amount received as charity is typically impressive irrespective of its real worth. Besides, event-organisers can keep a race active as long as they want to. 

About Race2fundraise: 

Website: http://race2fundraise.com/

Race2fundraise is a website that facilitates fundraising for charities in a unique way. It is an online platform where non-profit groups can create virtual race games to be played by visitors for a specific fee. It makes charity engaging for donors and convenient for organisers.

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