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Rameshwaram Group develops contemporary-style apartments for sale

India, 25, September 2014: Residential homes are one of the evidences that no other creature is as civilised as humans are on Earth. Rameshwaram Group is an organisation that plays a considerable role towards the establishing the fact time and again with its impressive construction projects. It is a real estate development organisation that has grown due to the quality and aesthetics of its apartments alone. The company has successfully completed a number of Surat residential projects as new initiatives continue to expand its portfolio. It has grown enough to even contemplate transition into a public limited firm within next 5 years.

Rameshwaram Groups is one of the leading and rapidly expanding real estate construction firms in India. The kind of reliability that it enjoys is evident from the overwhelming response that its latest venture Rameshwaram Devbhoomi received. People queued for the property in Surat Vesu and the allotment had to be done through lucky draw. Loyalty, commitment and the quality in construction that the builder maintained and delivered in the form of its previous projects was the main reason for such unexpected response from prospective customers.

Style has been the accentuating factor in all the houses for sale Surat built by Rameshwaram Group. The buildings are not only specially designed to offer something unique to occupants but they are strategically located at different places in the city. The group abides by its uncompromising construction standards and strives to make its flats in Surat matchless in terms of aesthetics. So far, the company has developed only residential properties but under-construction commercial and office facilities will be completed soon. The commercial projects under development presently are Signature Crest and Sukum Platinum, both of which are shopping malls respectively at New City Light Road and Vesu Abhava Road.

The residential buildings built by Ramashwaram Group may be the right choice for people who are searching a 3bhk flat for sale in Surat. Ramashwarams entail multiple advantages such the convenience of location, beauty, strength and facilities that meet contemporary need of people. Buildings constructed by Rameshwaram have a few distinctive features, all of which are not easily found in every residential property built in this age. Affordable price, idyllic surroundings, serene climatic conditions, conformance to vastu, quality, convenience, elegant design and strategic location characterise every project developed by the group. It strictly adheres to legal constraints too.

Rameshwaram Group has more than a decade of experience in construction of real estate properties. It has successfully networked with G3 Fabrication and Engineering Pvt Ltd, Pushpam Developers, Prithvi Developers, Dharti Developers, Kotadiya Builders, Kotadiya Developers, etc. Rameshwaram Surat residential projects bear unambiguous and clear titles.

About Rameshwaram Group:

Website: http://www.rameshwaramgroup.com/

Rameshwaram Group is a real estate construction company in Gujarat. It was founded in 2001 and plans to transform into a public limited company in the next 5 years. It has completed 5 residential buildings while 4 residential and 2 commercial projects are under development.

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