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Steve Farrar & Sandra Carter invites crowd funders for production of a revolutionary energy drink

United States, 25, September 2014: It is not always possible to have the basic resources to execute an idea. Funding and planning is essential in order to get positive results. Indiegogo is a platform that unites people all around the world to make execute ideas and innovations. The company started in 2008 has attracted many contributors globally to fund and promote such ideas. Using this platform, Steve Farrar and Sandra Carter are now inviting crowd funders for production of their revolutionary energy drink.

It is the result of years of efforts and research which has gone behind producing this innovative and effective product. The ingredient of the drink is mainly mushrooms grown in an authorized organic farm in California. The consumption of organic energy drinks has a lot of good effects if the drink is tested well. Energy drinks vitalizes the mind and body keeping the cells active for a longer period of time. NRG Matrix will be newly introduced in the market and its makers are seeking for a good market. Using the platform of Indiegogo, the makers have launched a campaign for the energy drink to be offered for the masses.

The NRG Matrix energy drink comes from the stable of organic foods and drinks that a lot of health conscious people are adapting. The ingredients of such products are naturally grown and scientifically tested before introducing in the market. The NRG Matrix helps in increasing focus and concentration. Moreover, the consumption of the drink further accelerates the immunity system of the body resulting in more power and energy. It is pulped from cordyceps and reishi mushrooms that also increase blood circulation and oxygen formation.

The NRG Matrix drink come in citrus-orange flavor and tangy in taste. The drink also has organic herbs that further keep the body filled with long lasting energy. The NRG Matrix is recommended for athletes and other sport persons who work hard to retain stamina. The drink can also be consumed by professionals who undergo rigorous work shifts throughout the day. The drink primarily has no side effects due to its natural medicinal ingredients. The NRG Matrix come in cheap price and is introduced under special priced schemes. The powder just has to be added to water and it is ready for consumption. With this funding which they receive, the manufacturers would make the drink available for the world. The money raised through the campaign would be utilized for website improvement, social media campaigns, and public relations. It would further be utilized to promote and manufacture the product on a larger scale as well.

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Indiegogo make way for people trying to improve mankind uniting their causes and supporting them. Using this platform both Steve Farrar & Sandra Carter initiate to raise money for funding the production and marketing of their revolutionary new health drink named NRG Matrix.

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