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World Series of Video Games, Voobly and TyRanT announce $120.000,00 USD Tournament

Newark, DE; 25, September 2014: The World Series of Video Games (WSVG), in partnership with Voobly, a leading gaming software provider and TyRanT, a premier e-Sports organization, proudly presents a new major online tournament, for Age of Empires II game, called "War Is Coming", which will feature a total prize money of $120.000 USD (one hundred and twenty thousand dollars).

This is without a doubt one of the biggest prize pools ever in an online gaming tournament, especially when we are talking about just one game: Age of Empires II. An event of this magnitude will certainly make fans rejoice. A part of the total prize money, about $10.000 USD, will be distributed to the community in the form of Prediction Contests, Stream Giveaways, Vouchers, Merchandising, and much more.

The chosen prize pool distribution will allow more teams to be awarded prizes. This means that a team does not need to be a top contender in order to enter the prize pool, making it more appealing to all players and teams.

Voobly, The World Series of Video Games, TyRanT and the community website AoCZone.net, all share the same vision and passion for the electronic sports, and have the same desire to improve the gaming scene, by giving to the players and teams free-to-enter tournaments, featuring not only a lot of prizes, but also creating a bigger and better competitive environment with the help of the community and their sportsmanship.

This mega tournament featuring the total prize pool of $120.000 USD, is scheduled to start on 3rd of November. The sign-ups for the tournament are already open at http://wsvg.net/ and the deadline will be 27th October.


With the increasing importance of electronic sports today, the World Series of Video Games (wsvg.net) is invested in bringing something innovative to a market that has much untapped potential. A major part of that innovative side will be their brand new gaming software called WSVG BattleRoom®, which features proprietary technology and a powerful multi-game anti-cheat system.

As part of the new corporate strategy, the World Series of Video Games will also be sponsoring championships and events around the globe and will mobilize infra-structure to improve and assist eSports organizations.


Voobly is a free online gaming client run by volunteers, who have also provided regular updates & patches to games and client, and are proud to have one of the most sophisticated anti cheat systems for the games they provide.

Voobly has thousands of active users that play daily, and offers in Game Moderators, expert Game Advisors and Live Technical support with multiple gaming lobbies. All available for free to help you improve your game play and make your online experience enjoyable.

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