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New Guide To Leadership To Be Given Away Free On Amazon

Chicago, Illinois; 25, September 2014: For a limited time only, the author of The Leadership Manual, will be offering readers the chance to own his highly anticipated book completely free of charge. To coincide with the launch of this expert manual on leadership, Benjamin C. Walker has announced that it will be offered as a free eBook from September 28 to October 2, only on Amazon.

According to the author, making the decision to offer a publication at absolutely no cost to the reader is proof of his pledge to share the skills and knowledge that have served him in his own career with the next generation of brand-builders, political figureheads and not-for-profit leaders. After decades of honing his own character and qualities to become the effective leader he aspired to be, his long-term plan is to pass that learning on.

The Leadership Manual is a comprehensive guide on how to be a leader. It is aimed at individuals who have the urge and passion to lead, as well as those who find themselves in a leadership position and want to make the absolute most of the opportunity. Walker hopes that his guide will “push the bounds of leadership, bringing a new breed of leaders into the public eye.”

Given the book’s very recent release date, Mr. Walker’s announcement has attracted a great deal of attention from both critics and experts in the field. At the release event, the author was commended for his gesture and praised for sharing information that most leader’s hoard for their own use, passing their wisdom down only to one or two protégées. According to experts, the book is an unparalleled introduction to leadership that delves into areas most guides completely ignore.

Mr. Walker has a long history of success in business, offering his leadership expertise to internationally recognized companies and brands in the course of his career. Now retired, he has turned his attention to sharing that knowledge, revealing the secrets that helped him find success to the next generation of leaders.

For more information about the debut, visit http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N9BH6Y0 or contact Mr. Walker’s representatives at Tel. 757-206-8440 or by email at benjamincwalker@outlook.com

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