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Brits Opt for Exotic Winter Holidays Abroad

26, September 2014: Insurance experts say that companies offering insurance for your family holiday can expect to be extremely busy as the number of winter travel bookings is set to increase over the coming weeks. 

The seasonal change from summer to autumn usually prompts many people to plan short breaks in the hope of soaking up some dwindling sun. Traditional holiday destinations such as France, America and Spain are expected to be more popular ever, however, travel experts advise of a lean towards budget breaks in North Africa and the Middle East. 

Research has revealed a considerable increase in the numbers of people opting to arrange breaks in Tunisia, for example. Word has clearly been spreading about the beauty of the white sand beaches and quality of food at the Tunisian restaurants. Travel experts also point out that temperatures regularly exceed 20 degrees centigrade during October and November in Tunisia – a definite positive. 

Political instability following the overthrow of President Mubarek did little to help Egypt's reputation as a tourist destination. However, there are a positive signals for this year's winter season. Travellers are being tempted by thought of Red Sea diving explorations and tours of the magnificent pyramids. Some are choosing to leave the tourist trail and arrange lengthy breaks in Jordan and Oman. While it's vey important to obtain insurance for your family, holiday plans not be curtailed too much in high profile touristic areas of these regions. 

There have, however, been some warnings regarding holidays in certain areas of Africa and the Middle East. The Foreign Commonwealth Office has, unsurprisingly, advised people against travelling to Syria and Iraq. They have also highlighted the potential risk of holidays in specific parts of Morocco. However, it may still be possible to obtain insurance for your family holiday at the safer, more popular Moroccan resorts. 

Prospective winter travellers have been advised to keep a check on the FCO website for reports about the status of international holiday destinations. They are encouraged to undertake careful research and take the necessary precautions to ensure hassle free trips. Leading travel experts have also emphasised the ongoing importance of obtaining comprehensive insurance for your family holiday. 

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