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Tailormade Wildlife Holiday Takes Tourists To West Greenland

26, September 2014: British nature holiday specialists Naturetrek are offering wildlife enthusiasts the chance to travel to West Greenland on a tailormade wildlife holiday focused on whale watching. 

Departing on May 21 and lasting for a total of ten days, this holiday includes a seven-day cruise to Disko Bay, where Bowhead Whales usually gather and where the chances of sighting one of these animals are highest. Whale lovers, and wildlife enthusiasts in general, should not miss the opportunity to interact with these fascinating animals, which are among the most exciting species endogenous to the Arctic Circle. 

Accompanying participants on this tailormade wildlife holiday adventure will be specialist guides hand-picked by Naturetrek for their in-depth expertise and knowledge of both the region and the magnificent aquatic mammals. With them on board, visitors partaking in this once-in-a-lifetime experience can acquire further insights on not just the behaviours of Bowhead Whales, but also on Greenland as a whole, as well as its iceberg formations and other natural details. 

Bowhead Whales, who do not possess a dorsal fin, can reach a total length of 20m (66ft) and weigh up to 100 tonnes. This makes them the second largest species of whale, after the Blue Whale, although they are considerably shorter than their cousins. Alternative names for this species include Steeple-top, Polar Whale, and Russian Whale. Like many other whale species, Bowheads have been heavily affected by whaling in recent years, their population having been cut by half, from 50.000 to an estimated 24.500. 

Aside from whales, participants can also expect to spot a variety of other species common in the Arctic Circle. Prices for this tailormade wildlife holiday start at £3.295 per person, when two people share together. Included in these fees are return flights from London, full-board cruise, hotel accommodation, most meals and expert guiding. 

About Naturetrek: 

Naturetrek offer tailor-made wildlife and nature holidays in some of the world’s premier natural resorts. The different focuses and approaches to the natural world that Naturetrek’s expertly guided holidays exhibit has helped them stand out in the tailor-made nature holiday market! Visit their website at http://www.naturetrek.co.uk/

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